About Kimberly Kopp Krause

Kimberly Kopp Krause, a web site usability consultant, is the owner of Cre8pc.com (http://www.cre8pc.com), Cre8asiteForums.com (http://www.cre8asiteforums.com/) and co-founder of the Cre8asite Network (http://www.cre8asite.net).
Your Web Site Is A Wonderland: What Picassos Art Taught Me About Persuasive Design

Whenever singer John Mayer sings his romantic song, “Your Body is a Wonderland”, I can’t help but think of web sites and usability. As a usability consultant, I see the devotion to his lover, and the time he spent uncovering every detail of her being, as the way most web site designers think we approach their web sites. When the lyrics arrive at “Take all your big plans; And break ‘em; This is bound to be a while”, I start giggling. It makes me think of Amazon.com. I’ll explain why.