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Kevin Gold is a regular contributor to Search Marketing Standard Magazine blog and is the Managing Partner of Enhanced Concepts. Kevin has extensive experience and knowledge working with companies of all sizes from Fortune 1000, entrepreneurial start-ups, franchises and home-based businesses. He has worked with hundreds of companies in diverse markets to increase their website sales and generate more qualified sales leads.
Online Advertising Channels – Average Cost Per Order

I just finished reading a great article in Multichannel Merchant (October 2007 issue) titled, “E-conundrum” written by Ken Magill.

In the article, Shop.org’s State of Retailing Online 2007 report was referenced providing the average cost per order for varying online advertising channels. I wasn’t surprised by the results…

The study stated the following:

New Insights into Retail Marketing

I read an excellent article on Clickz.com written by Hollis Thomases called, “New Optimism for Online Retail Marketing Opportunities.” Her article related some of the insights she gained while attending Shop.org’s Annual Summit. You can read the whole article by visiting http://www.clickz.com/3627098.

The article quoted Forrester senior analyst Ms. Sucharita Mulpuru about the future of e-commerce. A few quotes I found extremely important were:

Web Analytics – Know Your Numbers

Web analytics play a crucial role in building a high performance web business. Whether it’s basic site statistics like unique visitors, page views or sessions, analytical data like click paths or funnel abandonment or campaign performance metrics like cost per lead/sale, conversion or value per visitor, knowing your numbers help define your next steps for growth and improvement.

However, besides the greatest hurdle of web businesses actually taking the time to become aware of their numbers, there is also the concern with the numbers being accurate.

Landing Page Optimization Factors
I have been spending a great deal of time lately working with clients on landing page optimization. Here are a few factors to always consider when working on designing and improving your landing pages…

(1) Keep Focused on Your Primary Objective

There Aren’t Any Best Practices
Did I catch your attention? Actually best practices for website usability, landing page optimization, pay-per-click marketing – are excellent “first steps” when starting a new web business or just a new advertising campaign. However, it seems that many businesses start with best practices and never move away from them. They fall victim to the deception of best practices.

Testimonials, Endorsements & Product Claims
MarketingSherpa.com presented an excellent article on June 26 that I highly recommend every marketer reads. You can read it for free until July 3rd by visiting http://www.marketingsherpa.com/article.php?ident=30024 after July 3rd you have to visit Marketing Sherpa.com and pay for closed access.

Defining Both Top- and Bottom-Line Growth for Your Web Business

On Wall Street, financial investors speak of CEOs improving their companies’ “top line” by increasing sales volume or their “bottom line” by reducing their expenses to expand the margins from their current sales volume.

Get Results: Start with Your Marketing Message and Objective

Recently I was talking with a very bright traditional marketer on the value of integrating Internet marketing into an enterprise’s marketing mix.

What to Do When Your Pay-per-Click Marketing is Not Generating High ROIs

Because of increasing competition that has led to higher advertising costs with pay-per-click marketing, many battle-scarred – “do-it-yourself” – businesses have not realized their desired objectives.

Targeting Usage Demographics to Increase Paid Search Conversions

During conversations with web business professionals about pay-per-click search engines, “traffic volume” is always a hot topic. Over the last year or so, Google Adwords has emerged as the pay-per-click (PPC) search engine most enamored for driving “traffic volume”.

Maximize Your Froogling for the Holidays

Are you familiar with Froogle? If you are an online merchant, you certainly should be.

Discover Seven Shopping Cart Enhancements to Increase Your Sales Guaranteed

For online businesses with their main goal of selling products, shopping cart abandonment can mean the difference between profitability and loss. But since recent surveys suggest that less than 50% of retailers know their shopping cart abandonment rate, let’s review what it is and why it is important to know.