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62% of Internet Asks “What’s A Blog?”

No surprises below from The Pew Internet and American Life Project. But it is always helpful when a reputable, well-known research firm publishes easy to digest facts and figures.

Cell Phone RSS: “Can you read me now?”

We’ve been hoping to get RSS on cell phones for a while and are starting to see it happen.

Million Dollar Ideas
· 4

Nope, not talking about Oprah and the Pontiac G6. That idea would be worth $7 million.

Local Web Wars

Driving into work today, I realized Cincinnati is in the midst of a local Web war.

Online PR

E-consultancy hosted a roundtable to fuel a white paper on online public relations.

Marketing–Art or Science?

Two recent articles are trying to keep business to business marketers planted on terra firma.

WSJ on Consumer-Generated Media

Wall Street Journal Online details how more companies are using blogs as a market research device.

Creating Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership is a term thrown around enough times by enough people that it tends to lose face value. So it is great when we have some concrete examples of thought leadership.

Pitch Blogs with Caution

Blogs. To pitch or not to pitch? Well, it depends on your definition of pitch.

Ads: “No longer a one-way monologue”

An Ad Age story* notes how advertisers are also scratching their heads (along with journos and PR folk) on “what to do” about blogs. (*free registration required)

Al Ries on The Origin of Brands

On a participatory journalistic whim, I landed an e-mail interview with author, brand guru and PR proponent, Al Ries. Ries is a legendary marketing strategist and the best-selling author/co-author of 12 books on marketing including our favorite “The Fall of Advertising and the Rise of PR.” Most recently, he published “The Origin of Brands.”