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GM Mixes Church and State

When discussing the editorial and advertising components of a media outlet, I jokingly refer to them as “church and state.” This is because they are something I try and keep separate when practicing media relations.

Aggregators: the Risk and Reward

Part of any good PR person’s job is to stay up on current events. Some may assume this job is even harder with the advent of blogs. While the quantity of content does increase, you can still work smart and not hard to collect and process only the news relevant to you and your target clients/industries.

Measuring Blog Importance & Influence

Sigh, each new PR opportunity always seems to bring us back to one of our biggest problems-measurement.

Edelman/Intelliseek Publish Blog White Paper

Intelliseek and Edelman announced a new study on the impact of blogs. The study, “How Real People Are Finally Being Heard,” claims to be the 1.0 Guide to the Blogosphere.

Pope Podcasts Show Importance of Medium

Regardless of your religion, I think you can agree that the passing of Pope John Paul II is an historic event. When I visited Catholic Insider and listened to the podcasts there, I connected to this event at a new level.

Fed Ex, UPS Blog?
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Nope, the leading expeditors are not blogging..not that I am aware of anyway. But Bloglines just announced that you can track your packages through your Bloglines Feeds.

E-Mail is Dead, Long Live RSS

OK, the subject of this post should read: “Proclaiming something to be dead is dead.” But I figured this headline might raise more ire.

Will GM Blogs Respond to Bad News?

Will GM’s blogs be tested by recent news of job cuts at the automaker? According to the Wall Street Journal, GM “plans to cut its North American white-collar work force.

Martha Stewart Talks?

She’s baaaack … It is interesting to witness Martha’s post-prison strategy with the media. She is being selective on how she merchandises her prison stay, but clearly she is merchandising it.

Yahoo Shows Up Late To The Party

What better way to celebrate your birthday? Attend a trade show! Well, at least it was in NYC. 10-year-old Yahoo! announced at…

Blogs’ Impact Still Unfolding

Several articles are showing us some of blogging’s deeper business implications: Pete Blackshaw looks at the impact of push-button publishing …

Blogs, Law and Ethics

Wow, is it me, or is that headline a snoozer for a Friday … Well, law and ethics are becoming very relevant topics in the blogsphere.

Fake Blogs Should Sponsor Real Blogs

My traffic logs tell me that fake blogs are top of mind in the review of SuperBowl marketing efforts. Our list currently includes Mazda, McD and Ogilvy’s “get buzz quick” scheme.

McDonald’s Fake Lincolnfry Blog

I’m not lovin’ it. McDonald’s sent up the whole “Virgin Mary on a grilled cheese sandwich was sold on e-Bay” saga in their Super Bowl ad called Lincolnfry.

Blogs Usurped Super Bowl Ads

This year, the game was better than the ads. Again. You want to know why? There will never be an ad as good as 1984 again because there are no more secrets (that remain secret) before being told only once.

Jury Awards $15.6 million To Taster’s Choice Man

It always amazed me when clients balked at paying for photography rights after a photo shoot. Well, here is a costly reminder from …

The Blog’s Role in the Tsunami Aftermath

BlogPulse just published an analysis of the role of the blog in the aftermath of the tsunami.

P&G’s Brand Buzz

The Cincinnati Enquirer is covering P&G’s acquisition of Gillette from most every direction.

The Super Bowl Ad Blog

See Spot. See Spot Build Buzz … Intelliseek’s Super Bowl Ad project is ramping up and I am joining the fray.

Bacon’s Approach To Blog Tracking

Some blog research conducted on Media Map has me curious about Bacon’s approach to blog tracking.

Why Isn’t Ketchum Blogging?

So, did I miss anything while I was in New York? Wow. Jay Rosen sets off a flurry of posts that prove out Blog Power.

Consumers Can Tell You Where to Put that Ad

OK, the marketing community clearly needs to revisit a few rules of engagement or risk completely alienating consumers. We’re paid to be creative. Sometimes this is simply limited to an ad or a pitch…sometimes it involves the delivery of the ad or pitch. Guerilla marketing for example focuses on new methods of message delivery in a crowded/competitive environment.

iPod Needs Satellite Radio

USA Today reports car electronics manufacturers are rushing to create an adaptor that lets folks listen to their iPods in the car using their car stereo controls.

Marketing’s Role in Organizational Change

Harvard Business School Press published a Q&A with author Nirmalya Kumar on marketing’s role in organizational change. Kumar’s new book “Marketing as Strategy: Understanding the CEO’s Agenda for Driving Growth and Innovation” argues that marketing must help drive organizational change.