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Huggies Yahoo Ad Splash Sinks Without A Blog

Anyone on Yahoo! this weekend probably saw the Huggies Baby Network banner. It was hard to miss based on its frequency and the close up of a woman’s very pregnant tummy.

Steve Jobs: “Podcasting Is Taking Off Like a Rocket.”

Steve Jobs’ introduction of Apple’s new Rokr and Nano is now available online. He reveals some interesting factoids on iTunes and iPods.

New iPod Cellphone Will Expand Citizen Marketing

iPod says “Hello Moto.” At least, The New York Times is cautiously suggesting it will ….

CBS Gets Transparent with Nonbudsman Blog

CBS is pulling an Intel and learning from its mistakes. According to the Reuters news service …

Google Thinks I’m a Wiener

An Oscar Mayer Wiener to be exact. Here’s a fun example of the power of blogs, and search engines.

Blogs Predict Dukes of Hazzard Movie Doom

“A car wreck with boobs.” This concise, yet substantive, review comes from CNN after the Dukes of Hazzard movie premiere.

Fast Company’s BlogJam: The Sequel

Fast Company’s blog, FC Now, is celebrating its second anniversary by hosting BlogJam 2005.

What mood is your blog?

iveJournal is mining the 100,000 daily blog posts generated across its network to track the emotion in their corner of the blogosphere.

12 News Release Alternatives

Amy Gahran has requested some alternatives to the news release. Here are a dozen blog/RSS-free ideas to consider.

CNN Seeking Consumer-Generated Media

To help celebrate its 10th anniversary online, the CNN web site has created a special section entitled Online Evolution.

Consumer Impact on Advertising Grows

Consumer impact and influence is growing. The New York Times details how consumers are interacting with advertising campaigns and influencing their outcome.

The VHS, DVD Marketing Story

Somewhere Sony founder Akio Morita is smiling. As the world baby steps to a completely digital format for movies, music and other entertainment, VHS is slowly being left behind for the DVD format.

PR Compensation & Job Satisfaction Survey

Ian Lipner, of YoungPRPros, has launched a compensation and job satisfaction survey for North American public relations practitioners. Survey respondents will receive the full results of the survey-free of charge. Everyone else will get an executive summary. ALL responses will be completely anonymous and individual responses will NOT be shared with anyone.

Travel Blogs Bypass Media

Rather than rely on travel writers to tout the best Pennsylvania destinations, the state’s tourism office is relying on six bloggers to document their travels throughout the state. The AP tells us that…

Blog Elevator Speech

We need to position blogs correctly, now more than ever, as businesses realize their potential….

You Want Fries With That iPod?

We have two examples of how technology is being used to slow down fast food in the hopes it will bring more people into these restaurants and keep them there a bit longer. In both cases, music plays a large role in making these environments more appealing.

Hungry for the Web? Dig into RSS

The Canadian Press brings us another overview of RSS for the uninitiated. How many more of these articles do we need? As many as it takes to explain RSS in clear and simple termssimple enough that it becomes mainstream.

International Brand Design Conference

To see how ingrained brands have become in our lives, take the brand alphabet test. I’m willing to bet you’ll recognize more than a few of the brands chosen for this online quiz.

USA Today On Blogs

USA Today brings us an exhausting, but funny, article from Kevin Maney on blogging’s over exposure.

Will Mobile Phones Outpace the iPod?

Bill Gates predicts the mobile phone will outpace the iPod as the mp3 player of choice in the near future.

P&G’s Blogging Secret

PR Machine noted recently that P&G is now marketing via blogs. According to AdRants, it’s via a …

Wendy’s Crisis Communications

Wendy’s public relations team has received high marks from the media on their handling of the recent “San Jose Incident.”

Blogs’ Impact on Analyst Relations

The Yahoo! account team over at public relations firm Fleishman Hillard brings us a great example of the impact blogs can have on analyst relations. And since I am no longer at an agency, I have no problems submitting it up for your review.

MyPyramid.gov Blows Launch

“Houston, we have a problem.” A big problem. I’ve been anxiously awaiting the relaunch of the Food Pyramid.