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P&G Expands Word of Mouth Efforts

Using Tremor’s hard-earned insights on word of mouth (WOM) marketing to teens, P&G is asking Mom to spread the word through its new WOM venture, Vocalpoint.

Goofus & Gallant: Business Ideas

Seth Godin’s book, Free Prize Inside, looks at creating “ideas that make our products and services remarkable.”

PR in the Age of Consumer Control

Google. The effusive praise this deceptively low-key search engine elicits is maddening. I used to mock Google. Now I seemingly won’t go to the john without it.

Mobile Marketing Revs Up

One sure sign of summer is the up tick in mobile marketing news. The latest is from the Delaware News Journal.

Goofus & Gallant: Content vs. Context

Our latest installment of Goofus & Gallant tries to answer the question: “is it the medium or the message?”

Tom Foremski is Wrong

The news release is deadhere we go again.

Micropersuasion Moves to Edelman

Canuckflack sent me this uber-news:

Bubble Bursts Hollywood Distribution Model

Replete with Tivo and other time-shifting technologies, consumers want control of what matters most-their time. Perhaps Hollywood is waking up to their needs?

Weber Shandwick Hires PR Blogger Jeremy Pepper

Congratulations to Weber Shandwick on hiring PR blogger Jeremy Pepper.

Consumer-Generated Unemployment

Slate’s editor-at-large, Jack Shafer, has a great piece discussing the “collapsing cost of media creation.”

The Edelman & Holmes PR Action Figures

Richard Edelman’s and Paul Holmes’ discussion of the payola scandal are must reads.

McDonald’s Moves from Fake to Real Blog

What a difference a year makes. Last year we wondered if the Golden Arches had been forever tarnished by the fake Lincolnfry blog that debuted during the Super Bowl.

The Bad Pitch Blog

Have you heard about the new blog I’ve launched with Full Frontal PR author Richard Laermer?

Nielsen buys/merges BuzzMetrics, Intelliseek

VNU sees the value of measuring consumer-generated media in this big move.

Do the Media Read News Releases?

Sometimes. This post from Owen Thomas at Business 2.0’s blog is interesting. He points to a minor news release boilerplate edit of all things to declare the start of the iPod era.

Smithsonian Blogs and Podcasts

Site seeing in Washington, DC usually includes one of the 16 Smithsonian museums.

Does Target Need a Blog?

Does Target need a blog? The short answer is Yes and No. A Customer Blog is Overkill for Target …

Blogger Hacks Customer Service

ABC News World News Tonight just profiled blogger Paul English and his “Cheat Sheet to Find a Human.” …

Bless Me Father For I Have Blogged

With 16 years of Catholic school under my belt, I HAD to post on this news of the church crossing into state and infringing on the First Amendment.

What Defines a Blog?

CBS joins the fake/character blog fray for one of its sitcoms, How I Met Your Mother. “Barney’s Blog” is named after a character played by Neil Patrick Harris.

The Lifecycle of a Media Relations Pitch

This morning I’ll be leading a panel discussion on the lifecycle of a media relations pitch at the Cincinnati Chapter of the PRSA.

Blogs Shrink CBS News Cycle

CBS News blog, Public Eye, recently discussed the shrinking news cycle that network news programs face …

PR Bloggers: Shall We Serve Cheese With the Whine?

Since blogs are essentially online op-ed pages, I’m leveling a challenge to every single PR blogger, including myself.

Blogs Are Hurting B2B Publishers

TechWeb brings us a gloom and doom research report stating that business to business trade media will see print ad spending decrease due to blog advertising, sponsorship and content opportunities.