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Advertising Week Needs to Focus on Future

The third annual Advertising Week kicks off September 25th in New York City.

Arbys Online Marketing Leaves a Bad Taste

Arby’s approach to online marketing looks as old as some of its classic neon signs.

Put Your Brand in the Customers’ Hands

Here are two interesting mobile phone developments that point to marketing opportunity.

Coupons and Customers: Blog Jam 2006

Eked out two more posts for Fast Company’s Blog Jam 2006 before it came to a close.

Flickr TV?

Via PSFK, Time Warner is going to offer Flickrish capabilities to its digital cable and Road Runner high-speed internet subscribers.

Food and Astroturf: Blog Jam 2006

Day one of Fast Company’s Blog Jam has started interesting conversations at FC Now. Instead of cross posting, I will point you to my two contributions.

Beauty Blogs Get Ugly

Drama! Pierce Mattie management instructed its employees to post comments anonymously on client/industry-related blogs.

Starwood, Text 100 Explain Their Second Life

Text 100’s Georg Kolb replied to my earlier post on Second Life and provided the firm’s rationale for setting up shop virtually. Here are excerpts from his comment.

Second Life to Open in Second Life

Big news from your favorite flavor of the month…

Life Imitates Art for Macys Branded Entertainment

Federated Department Stores just announced (via news release of all things) that its private label, INC, will sell the winning design from last night’s episode of Bravo’s Project Runway in its Macy’s stores nationwide.

YouTube & Consumer-Generated News

According to a Guardian story (reg. req.), MySpace just took second place (vs. SecondLife) to YouTube in terms of traffic.

Kids and Mobile Marketing

PSP-toting kids can receive RSS feeds. Mobile phone cameras can narrowcast video straight to TV.

Does Everyone Have it in for Dell?

Since others are saying this in a more measured, politically-correct fashion, let the client-side guy be clear.

Two Sides of the Marketing Coin

Advertising Age covers Sephora’s coffee cup lipstick smear ad (reg. req.) and raises an interesting question.

Raising Awareness Through Social Media

Global relief agency Oxfam brings us an interesting case study on social media relations’ ability to raise awareness.

Executive Blog vs. Executive Blog Roll

BusinessWeek’s Bruce Nussbaum points out the next best thing to an executive blogging-an executive actively reading blogs.

Is that a Monkey in Your Trunk?

Ads featuring monkeys may be deemed a tired gimmick, but I think Suburban Auto Group’s Trunk Monkey ads offer a fresh spin on the classic animal approach.

Web 2.0: Call It What You Will

The latest meme is trying to erase “Web 2.0” from our vernacular.

Video Marketing Savvy

Video can give your marketing efforts a boost in a variety of ways. Here are two small, smart examples, at either end of the budget spectrum.

Sprites LOST Ad Leaves Bad Taste in Mouth

Sprite decided to “get weird” ( reg. req.) to stand out from other, more bombastic, colas.

P&Gs Community Relations Blog

Jaffe Juice points us to a P&G community relations blog: Notes from the Front Line.

Missing Children Gain Awareness on Flickr

Yeah, I’ve got Flickr on the brain, but this is an important post. MIT Advertising Lab points us to the best use of Flickr yet.

Tony Snow and Jonathan Schwartz

Drama! A journo joins the White House full-time and a well-deserved promotion creates the first Fortune 500 CEO blog.

At the Doorstep, on the Corner, in the Bedroom

A weekend of real life inevitably includes marketing experiences worthy of a blog post.