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Beating the Email Police (and Making Some Money!)

I’ve been doing a little research. Research that revealed how you and I can do our business even better–and stay on the right side of the Internet police.

How to Be Happy *Most* of the Time

As I am writing this I am 40 years old. For many of you, that sounds young. For those in their teens and 20’s, that probably sounds about one inch away from a nursing home.

Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life

Success and failure are all in your head. Successful people see themselves succeeding. They see opportunity instead of oppression. They see themselves as eventually winning rather than losing. They look back on the good things that have happened to them and through them rather than on the bad.

What’s the Big Idea?

Can’t move any products? Maybe the problem is you don’t have a BIG IDEA. What’s a BIG IDEA? A BIG IDEA is the thought, phrase and/or concept that makes your offer both UNIQUE and APPEALING.

Finding People Who Make You Money

Most employees are a pain. In addition to the “regular” problems of payroll, sick time, legal issues, etc., there is the bigger issue that EMPLOYEES ARE LOOKING OUT FOR THEMSELVES, NOT FOR YOU.

Get it Done

I heard something interesting from Marlon Sanders the other day…

Thousands More Subscribers

Got a newsletter? GREAT! Now all you need is to build your subscriber base. Here are several top-notch ideas for getting TENS OF THOUSANDS of subscribers:

Fail Forward

How often have you failed? I know that may not sound very encouraging, but it is one of the key questions you need to ponder as you think about the possibility of success.

3 Ways of Creating Passive Income

A passive income is one that comes in no matter what–even when you are not working (or can’t work.) It’s something all of us will someday want and possibly need.

Creating a Passive Income

“Join our program and retire in 3 months…” yeah, right. We all want to get to a place where we have ongoing, hands- off income that continues without us having to work for it. These ads play into that desire by offering us the promise of “easy continuing income.”

No Pain, No Gain

I lift weights. (Hey, don’t laugh…) Several times a week I get to go down to my local gym, put on shorts and a T and lift heavy pieces of metal attached to rods. And I love it.

Big Dollar Affiliate Marketing

How many choices are you giving your subscribers? The answer may just mean the difference between your success and failure online.

For instance, among my tens of thousands of subscribers, I have people from dozens of countries, a myriad of economic situations, all races and creeds. It is a very diverse group.

Affiliate Programs: ESP or EPC?

How can you know what affiliate products will do well for you and which ones will be a dog? You don’t need ESP, you need EPC!

Don’t Take It Personally

Did you get a vulgar, angry, insulting email today? I did. In fact, if you have a website with any solid traffic you probably get them pretty much every day.

Getting Our Priorities Straight

Tuesday this week my son was playing in the district championship baseball game. It started at 7:30pm. My intention was to finish up with a late client I had coming in a little after 7pm, pack up my stuff and head out to the ball park.

Got What It Takes?

Some people have “instant” success–every project they take on instantly turns to gold; they marry well and have good- looking, intelligent children; their health is always good and they seem to know all the “right” people.

What is Sp^m?

Ask anybody and with a very few exceptions they will tell you “I hate sp^m.” Heck, even people who send spam say they hate it. Hating spam is so universal it’s almost like hating cancer. Problem is, everyone defines *sp^m* differently:

The Sky is Falling!

All is lost! You will never make it! Everyone’s out to get you! Your business is DOOMED!

It’s Worth It!

Starting a business is hard work.


Choosing a Site that Sells

Often times when we embark on web business we talk about “getting a web site.”

One Key to Happiness

What is happiness?

I remember many different times in my life when I have tried to answer that question–both for myself and for the people I have worked with in seminars and workshops.

$800K From His Home Business!

There are people who are successful on the web–making $100K or so–and then there are SUPER successes, people like Chad Tackett. Chad makes over $800,000 per year from his single website.

Creating Products That Will Make You Money

Most products will NOT make money online. The ones that will have the proper combination of demand, supply and profit margin. Wise Internet business people take the time to do the research first–and know whether or not the demand is there BEFORE they build a site and advertise it.

Products That Make You Money

When the Internet was young, most people thought it was a gold-mine. Just put any old product “online” and you will make thousands of sales overnight.