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How to Start Right

Almost everyone who succeeds online does so with their SECOND site, not their first. Most people start out with a site, make a ton of mistakes, learn by doing and–once they have figured out the ropes–get it right the SECOND time.

Building An Affiliate Income – Profitable Newsletters

There are thousands of email newsletters online, spanning almost every conceivable interest.

But very few of them make any significant money. In fact, most of them don’t even make their publishers a “minimum wage” income.

Affiliate Cash from Niche Marketing

One of the first keys to success in promoting affiliate programs is finding a market niche.

Building An Affiliate Income – Picking Profitable Affiliate Programs

It’s a great feeling to open your mail and see a check there for $ 500 or more. It’s an even greater feeling to get two or three!

What’s Your Excuse?
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Some of you are going to get angry when you read this.

On an almost weekly basis I get an email from someone who “really” needs the income generated from an online business, but they just can’t afford to get started.

Product Review: Single Product Sites that Sell
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You’ve done everything: You researched and found a great market niche, secured the perfect problem-solving product, put together a great looking site and did all kinds of promotional stuff. The traffic, if not flooding to your site, is at least consistent.

Making Your Sales Letter Sell

Your goal is to make a sale. Maybe a BUNCH of sales. So you begin to craft your sales letter.

But you may be getting ahead of yourself.

Taking Your Website from Poor to Profit

Are you effective?

It’s a good question to consider. If you could look into the lives of the average person who has an online business, you would find very few of them making any real money–even some of the ones you know by name.

High Dollar Affiliate Marketing

One of the first keys to success in promoting affiliate programs is finding a market niche.

A market niche is any segment of a market where you can reach people effectively with a product or service they will want to buy. Let me give you an example:

How To Fail At Building An Affiliate Income

OK, you’ve heard the statistic: 80% of affiliates don’t make any significant money from affiliate programs. Not very encouraging, huh?

How Much Should I Spend on Advertising My Site? Part II

In part I we looked at three things you need to decide before you can calculate how much to spend on advertising. In part II we will look at how to take that information and put it to use.

Using the numbers we came up with in part I, let’s see how much we can afford to spend on advertising:

Getting Thousands in Affiliate Profits (An Overview)

Ask any affiliate manager: The average affiliate earns little or nothing per month. In fact, my guess is that 80% or more people who sign up as affiliates *never* get a check.

That’s the part nobody tells you.

Making Money from a Subscription Site

Originally, the Internet was free. It was intended as a way for people to exchange information. Web sites were basically just text documents posted for all to see.

How to Be Popular

OK, most of the time I use this space to give YOU a little lift. This week I want to turn that around.

Eliminating Complaints Without Losing Your List

How would you like to never receive a sp^am complaint again?

You’re In Good Company


That’s one sentence that you will hear come out of my mouth again and again. I tell it to all of my clients, and I tell it to most of the people I meet who are trying to start a business who are NOT my clients.

Success Story: Dana Smith – No Website, Just Profits

Creating an online income is often hampered by technical stuff–we can’t build a website–or financial stuff–we can’t afford to advertise.

Collect YOUR Cash First

Don’t you hate being last? I know I do. This is especially true when it comes to a “hot new product.”

How to Fast Track Your Business to Success

We all want overnight success, yet I often see sites languishing with low traffic, low sales and low profits for years.

Make Money Giving Away Stuff

“The Free Stuff Craze is Over”

Yeah, I heard that too. Good thing I didn’t believe it.

$2.5 Million in Sales – This Business is All Wet

Larry Dague could be described with many labels: college drop-out, musician, diver, programmer, web designer, even inventor. The one that is most evident now, however, is online success.

It’s Not WHAT You Know, It’s WHO You Know

I wish I could tell you it wasn’t true. I wish I could tell you the nay-sayers and critics were all wrong. I wish I could, but I can’t.

Who Do You Listen To?

It happened again–one of my students wrote to say he was struggling. He wasn’t struggling with his site, neither was he struggling with some marketing issue.

3 Simple Changes to Huge Affiliate Checks

Affiliate programs are a great way to earn money. As an affiliate I get regular checks from a couple dozen companies. Sometimes they’re small–$25 or so–sometimes they’re large– $1,000 and above. Over the course of a year those checks really add up.