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Why Your Best Keywords May Not Be

Pay-Per-Click advertising is one of the very best ways to quickly and (often) cheaply get the word out about your business. A new campaign can be “live” in just a couple hours and can bring in thousands of visitors and sales in its first week.

Make More Sales with the Two-Step

Typical scenario: Business owner buys ad for the “Latest, Greatest Widget!” Ad runs. 864 people visit website. 10 people buy. And if the profit margin is enough, the business owner makes money.

Get Spidered By Google-Fast-And Get Paid for It!

Google is the king of search engines. No one else even comes close. Due to search partnerships with other sites (like Yahoo) means 250 million searches per month.

Article Syndication for Better Search Engine Position

If you’re sick of being #987 for your best Google keyword phrase, here are simple-to-implement changes that can skyrocket your listing (and they don’t have anything to do with what is ON your page!)

Becoming the Next Super Affiliate

The term “Super Affiliate” has become common online in the last year or so. For those of you wondering what the term refers to, let me give you a common definition:

Getting To the Top of Google for High Traffic Keywords
· 1

Go to Google.com, type “click here” into the search box and guess what comes up first?

Creating a Traffic Building Triangle

I am about to tell you one of most effective ways I have of building traffic to my site. It’s really simple and easy to implement, yet almost no one does.

Finding Keywords the will Explode Traffic

I’m number one! Yup, I’m number one for a bunch of keywords. I’ll bet your site is too.

Using Your Controllable Advantages

Good news: You can beat your competition.

Making Huge Sales in No Time Part IV

In this series I am detailing how I put together an affiliate promotion in just 3 days and made over $5,000 in sales-and how anyone can imitate these same techniques.

Are You Wasting Money on Overture?

Overture is a great place to get traffic. Pick the right keywords and you are in for smooth sailing!

Why Not You?

Over the next 12 months…Someone is going to start an internet business and quit their job.

How To Automatically Score Better on Search Engines

The debate has loomed now for years: Does it matter whether you use your best keywords in your domain name or not?

What is Your Biggest Problem Online?

Last month we conducted a survey of our readers. The results have been interesting, to say the least.

How to Stay On Track All the Way to Success

I am about to give you one of the most important keys to success in any area of life. It will keep your motivation high and help you to stay on target.

Why Page Rank Matters (and how to cash in on it)

For the last couple weeks I have been listening to several interviews my friend Andy Jenkins did with Brad Fallon about Brad’s phenomenal success his first year online.

Affiliate Super Promotion: Making Huge Sales in No Time Part II

So ya wanna make some affiliate sales? Here’s the key: Do a “Super Promotion.”

Working Hard at Smart Things

“Don’t work harder, work smarter.”

If someone tells you that, watch your pocket-book-they are likely about to ask you for a lot of money for the magic “smarts” that will earn you millions.

Expertise: Your Key to Affiliate Profits

Want to make more money as an affiliate? Simple: Become an expert.

Affiliate Super Promotion: Making Huge Sales in No Time

Back in February I put together an affiliate promotion and sold over $5,000 in products.

How to Profitably Run Your Affiliate Business

Pretty much every week someone comes to me saying, “I am trying to promote affiliate programs. How can I increase my checks?”

Rejoice in Small Affiliate Checks

Did you get ANY affiliate check this past month? Good for you! You’re ahead of the pack.

How to Stay Motivated Until You Succeed (and Beyond)

Motivation has several faces…some good, some not so good.

More Sales through Surveys

Want to increase the number of sales from your website? I am about to reveal a no-cost method for not only increasing the NUMBER of sales, but increasing the profit per sale as well.