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How To Use Your Website To Shorten Your Sales Cycle

Is your website languishing as little more than a web brochure? As a professional service business, the problem with a web brochure is it’s often loaded with features and ignores persuasive results.

Wait to Offer a Solution

Picture this: you are mid-way through a conversation with a prospective client when you hear, “So tell me how you work?” You tell yourself, ‘Perfect! Now is my opportunity to tell them what I do and how I can help them’, and off you go, launched into an energetic, enthusiastic description of your service.

What is Your Call to Action?

It isn’t easy getting someone’s attention. That’s why advertisers pull crazy stunts to get somebody – anybody, to listen to their message.

If There is a Magic Key to Marketing, THIS is it

We’re all looking for a magic key to marketing, something that will finally take the frustration out of failed attempts, unreturned phone calls and prospective clients that don’t seem to “get it”.

How to Give Your Service Legs

Giving your service ‘legs’ means you make it tangible. Giving your service legs means bridging the gap from fluffy language to something your choice client recognizes they need and will spend money on.

How to Deliver your Price Quote with Confidence

In this highly competitive market, it’s easy to worry that once you state the price for your service, your prospective client will vanish. Even the most brazen of us may gulp when we finally have to say a number.

How to avoid the oops of giving your price too soon

I’m willing to wager real money that you are asked, “How much do you charge?” early in a selling conversation. The problem is, if you answer it, you are sunk and if you avoid it, then any trust you’ve established flies out the window.

How Do You Get People to Listen to You?

Have you noticed people pretending to listen? They nod their head and murmur, “a-huh” but the truth is they are not paying much attention to what you are saying!

How do I get started with my marketing?

Does marketing your business seem overwhelming? Have you wondered how you were ever going to fit marketing into your weekly workload?