About Ken Yarmosh

Ken Yarmosh is a consultant who helps organizations get the most out of their technology investments. He works with technology users and creators across various industries, focusing on technology education and strategy. With over 7 years IT experience, Ken has worked with small businesses, non-profits, federal agencies, and multi-million dollar companies. His online efforts include acting as the Editor for the Corante Technology Hub and authoring the TECHNOSIGHT blog.
Web 2.0 Business Models
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Today’s Web startups are not entirely unlike their dot.com predecessors when it comes to the way they are thinking about making money.

Offline Efficiency in an Online World

Blackberries and cell phones, email and the World Wide Web, or even computers themselves can actually hamper your productivity.

The Audible.com Debacle

Audible.com recently announced its new service Wordcast – essentially they are adding a propriety twist to podcasting that will enable publishers to …

The Struggle to Find your Niche

One of the major problems with blogging is the struggle to find your niche. Original content is what makes a blog unique and worthwhile.