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Ken Yarmosh is a consultant who helps organizations get the most out of their technology investments. He works with technology users and creators across various industries, focusing on technology education and strategy. With over 7 years IT experience, Ken has worked with small businesses, non-profits, federal agencies, and multi-million dollar companies. His online efforts include acting as the Editor for the Corante Technology Hub and authoring the TECHNOSIGHT blog.
Notes on Social Shopping

I just finished a brief interview about e-commerce, Web 2.0, and social shopping. It’s for a private trends report, so you likely won’t see it on the street.

Webtop – The Future of Computing

A number of people have thrown around the word “webtop” – but in doing so, I think they miss what the future of the web might have in store for us.

TechCrunch Web 2.0 Documentary Remix

Robin Good decided that 1/8 of the recent TC Web 2.0 Documentary was worthwhile:

Widgetbox – Widget Management

As Richard MacManus opined, Widgets are the New Black. Widgets are particularly popular within social networks and on blog sidebars, extending the reach or news, websites, and product of services.

Meez – the Next Teen Addiction

Meez is an online tool to create a personalized version of your virtual self.

The YouTube of Y

Today’s tired Web 2.0 metaphors are brought to you by the letter B’ for boring and the number 9′ as in the 92 million times someone has used phrases like “It’s MySpace for X” or “The YouTube of Y”.

MySpace Begins Marketing MySpaceIM
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Back in May, MySpaceIM finally launched after much anticipation. But it really hasn’t caught on – I downloaded it then and to this point, virtually no one I know is using it.

Smart Social Networks – Defined and Compared

As I’ve seen more and more social networks launch, there definitely seemed to be an evolution happening.

Toggl – Another Online Timetracker

Time tracking seems to be hot right now. As of several months ago (or so), I didn’t know of any legit standalone web based time trackers.

Flash Worm Leads to No MySpace Widget Love

TechCrunch is reporting that third-party MySpace widgets such as those by the ever popular YouTube are no longer allowed to have link throughs.

Create Member Based Websites with Wild Apricot

I’ve been finding some really great products lately (thanks to Emily Chang’s eHub) and Wild Apricot is one of them.

PipelineDeals.com – Dead Simple Sales Tracking

PipelineDeals.com is the easy and simple way to manage sales. It’s specifically designed to manages sales, so it’s not a CRM: “Pipeline was designed by a sales agent for a sales agent.”

De-Generation Net?

I have a piece posted on the American Thinker – I originally entitled it De-Generation Net? but the Editor changed it to Here Comes Gen Net. An excerpt follows below:

Mailroom and Branded Email

In response to my Hosted Gmail Goodness post, I received two notes from Sproutit. The first was this comment from Peter.

Harvest and 14 Dayz – Web Based Time Trackers

I’ve been using Harvest the last several weeks to keep better track of my time.

Hosted Gmail a Winner for Google

I use Gmail for both my personal and business e-mail. The business side of things is relatively new (within the last month or so).

Lead Generation for the Complex Sale

Lead Generation for the Complex Sale is a new book by Brian Carroll, CEO of InTouch Incorporated.

Yahoo! Messenger Still Not IM 2.0

Yahoo! Messenger with Voice now includes plug-ins “designed to let people to do things like track eBay auctions, see friends’ wish lists on Amazon.com, collaborate real-time on event planning and compare calendars with contacts” (via ZDNet).

Blogosphere Returning to Old Media Ways?

I was chatting on Skype with Pete Cashmore last week and I was glad that he came to the same conclusion I have about the current state of the blogosphere.

Goodbye Area 775, Hello Skype

If you recall, I cancelled Vonage back in April due to dissatisfaction with my service. I was ecstatic about the prospective of the features offered by Gizmo Project Area 775.

Net Neutrality is More than Meets the Eye

If you’ve been reading my blog, you know that I’ve been tracking the whole Net Neutrality discussion (here and here).

More Net Neutrality – Getting the Facts Down

The Net Neutrality debate keeps getting crazier and crazier. My previous post about it should give you an idea why, as it was entitled Net Neutrality – It’ll Make Your Head Hurt.

MySpace Creates X-Space

Check out what I highlighted yesterday at the Corante Web Hub – MySpace creates X-Space: The New World of Marketing:

Harman Kardon – Drive+Play

I’m thinking one of my next “rewards” will be the Harman Kardon Drive+Play. The Drive+Play is an integrated solution to “driving your iPod”.