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Ken Yarmosh is a consultant who helps organizations get the most out of their technology investments. He works with technology users and creators across various industries, focusing on technology education and strategy. With over 7 years IT experience, Ken has worked with small businesses, non-profits, federal agencies, and multi-million dollar companies. His online efforts include acting as the Editor for the Corante Technology Hub and authoring the TECHNOSIGHT blog.
Gubb – Great Web Based To Do and List Management
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Gubb likely just became a staple in my workflow management.

Ways to Get Quality Links
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Links aren’t easy to get. Let me rephrase that, quality links aren’t easy to get.

Trends Added to Google Reader

Personalization is going to be key to overcoming information overload.

Trillian Astra – Geek’s Choice for IM

Trillian is the geeks choice for IM. It allows you to use a single IM client across various platforms (AIM, Hotmail MSN, Yahoo!, and GTalk – the latter if you have the Pro edition) and have multiple identities for each.

Blogging ROI

If you are a smart business owner, then you probably do things methodically. You likely try and weigh costs and risks against benefits when it comes to any new organizational initiatives.

Blogwild! – Great Resource for Bloggers

Andy Wibbels is a fellow DTM contributor and a very savvy blog consultant. I consider his new book Blogwild! a must have resource for anyone that wants to start blogging. Yes, anyone.

Web Strategy Made Simple

After asking the question Do you have a Web Strategy?, I thought it was important to give a closer look at what the term really means.

All Web Strategy Is Not Created Equal

Regardless of if you are a small business, Fortune 500 company, politico, or a private individual, you have a web strategy even if you have not formalized it. All web strategy is not created equal.

Serious Problems with RSS – Content Ambiguity

Besides the fact that RSS subscribers can feel less connected or loyal to content creators (see The Wire Effect), content on a per source basis can also face ambiguity problems.

Serious Problems with RSS – The Wire Effect

You don’t create communities in RSS readers. You can’t really engage with readers. You really can’t do anything except consume raw content.

Serious Problems with RSS

Like some of you, I’ve tried just about every RSS reader out there. I’m more or less using Google Reader and Rojo now, which leads to one of the first serious problems I see with RSS: getting accurate metrics.

Copernic Desktop Search Is A Must-Have

I installed Copernic Desktop Search on one of my laptops recently. I previously had tried Google Desktop but uninstalled it after a week.

Your Blog is (or should be) a Coffee Shop

Many of us enjoy the free WiFi offered at today’s Coffee Shopsbut Coffee Shops are not popular because of WiFi.

Low Cost Alternative to Web Meetings

If you do web meetings with any regularity, you may want to give Central Desktop Live a try.

Basecamp Integrates with Harvest

In a world of more focused or niche based web services such as Harvest, integrations are going to continue to be key (as I’ve noted in the past).

Other Perspectives on TNNI

In addition, to Doug Kushin (the newest contributor to TECHNOSIGHT), I had a couple of friends helping me out at TNNI – Dennis McDonald and Joseph LeBlanc.

Web 2.0s Impacts on Business

Rajen Sheth was on fire Wednesdayas were some of the Google Data centers he showed us in his presentation.

Jason Goldberg on Web 2.0 and its Impact

Jason Goldberg – the CEO of Jobster – is giving his introduction about “What Web 2.0 is”. He has a very simple definition for it:

Web 2.0 Makes You More Productive

Many people get caught up in defining Web 2.0. I had breakfast with a friend yesterday and told him about TNNI conference. He said, “What’s Web 2.0? Is it software or is it an idea?” I said, “It’s an idea.”

How to Blog a Conference

Josh Hallett obviously took a lot of time and energy to put together his recent How to Blog a Conference – great stuff.

Webtop, RIA, and “Webified”

There were some interesting discussions late last week regarding Rich Internet Applications (RIA), a new term called “webified”, and the webtop.

MyBlogLog Community

Peter Davis ran with a theme I wrote about in The Long Tail of Linking – building a professional peer group.

The Long Tail of Linking

Back when the Internet and subsequently the blogosphere was in its infancy, there were two concepts that seemed to win the day: link exchanges and blogrolls. Each provided a way of gaining more traffic and visibility.

SalesGenius – Qualify Sales Leads Instantly

SalesGenius is a product of Genius.com Incorporated. It’s an invaluable tool used to track e-mails, their open rates, and potential website visits from prospects and other sales leads.