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Ken McGaffin is Chief Marketing Officer with Wordtracker, the keyword research company. He writes regularly on link building and online public relations and is the brains behind Wordtracker's Link Building tool. The Link Builder tool from Wordtracker allows you to collate links with a single click.
5 Steps Beyond Competitive Link Analysis 5 Steps Beyond Competitive Link Analysis
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The job of link building is getting tougher. The introduction of encrypted searches, the series of Panda updates, and whatever Google come up with next is putting more and more pressure on us all to drop any shortcuts and concentrate …

25 Ways to Get Another Site to Link to Yours 25 Ways to Get Another Site to Link to Yours
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This guest post was co-authored by Ken McGaffin and Susan Payton There are many ways to get other sites to link to yours, which helps in boosting your ranking on search engines. Here are 25 link-building methods you can use …

9 Questions To Ask After A Site Links To You
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Inbound links increase the value of your website in the eyes of Google and the other search engines. And, they help more people find your website and all you have to offer. Each inbound link is like your website just got another vote of confidence.

So, once the link has been set up, your job is done. Or is it?

Getting links to point to your site is one of the most challenging parts of search engine optimization, but link building doesn’t end once a link has been set up.

The Link Building Mindset – A Baker’s Dozen

We all know that one-way links from authority web sites are essential if your link building efforts are to be successful. But what does it take to get those authority sites to link to you? Well, you’ll probably guess that it is not easy – quality links don’t materialize from feeble or automated requests. To get those ever so valuable links you’ve got to adopt the right mindset – the principles that show link targets you mean business and that you’re worth linking to.

What Makes a Quality Link Target?

Most people use Google PageRank as a measure of the quality of a link target – usually derived from the little green bar that you see when you download the Google toolbar.

How to Get Links Without Asking

Sending out link requests is a time-consuming business. So wouldn’t it be wonderful if other sites linked to you without being asked?

Keyword Phrases in Linking Text

Often simple things really matter. And the use of keywords in linking text is one of those simple things that turn out to be hugely important. Linking text, sometimes called anchor text is the clickable text that takes people to another page or resource. You need to choose that text carefully.

The Definitive Link Building Strategy

If you’ve gone through all the hard work of a link building campaign, you expect to be rewarded with some impressive links. The reality is that many people are disappointed with the trickle of links and the trickle of traffic that their efforts produce.

Link Popularity through Expert Content

Nick Usborne is well known for his online writing talents (just do a Google search on his name if you don’t know what I mean).

Improve the Success Rate of Your Link Requests

How can you improve your link requests so that more websites will take the decision to link to yours? This is a fundamental question that every link building campaign should address.

How Much is a Link Worth To Your Website?

Getting links for your site is hard work. You’ve got to have good content, you’ve got to research sites who’d be likely to link to you and you’ve got to approach them in such a way that your link request stands out from all the rest.

Build Your Sites Link Value

Link Value is the perceived value another site will derive from linking to you. The more value they see, the more likely they will be to link.

Link Popularity is About More Than Just Search Engines

Increasing link popularity is important in search engine optimization and effective linking can give a real boost to rankings.

Six Powerful Ways to Find Link Targets

Finding quality sites to target is at the heart of any effective linking strategy. Quality sites’ are not the ones that are easiest to get links from but those that will drive most relevant traffic to your site. In an earlier article http://www.webpronews.com/ebusiness/sitepromotion/wpn-3-20040130BuildingYourSitesLinkValue.html, I looked at how to maximize your link value to make your site more attractive to link targets. In this article I’ll explore how to find quality link targets.

Building Your Site’s Link Value

Link Value is the perceived value another site will derive from linking to you. The more value they see, the more likely they will be to link.