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Domain Name Registration – Key Tips

Domain name registration is a necessary, easy, and strategically important first step in establishing an online presence, whether for business or otherwise.

Up the Sandbox!

Go to any internet marketing forum you want these days and one of the topics is sure to be whether or not there is a “sandbox” at Google where new sites are forced to come and play for 3-6 months before joining the ranks of ranked and searched results.

Internet Marketing – Surviving the First Year

So you’ve decided to take the leap into deep water and go into business for yourself, specifically into Internet Marketing. Congratulations! This was a smart decision, one that will eventually reward you with all the dreams you can dream. Your challenge now is to survive that 1st year.

7 Great Ways to Lose Your Shirt using Google Adwords! (or any other pay-per-click!)
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Google Adwords is a great tool! Careful use can lead to legions of highly targeted visitors breaching the moat around your site, and demanding to pillage your products! On the other hand…