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Putting Together the Pieces To the Marketing Puzzle

When I started in advertising…too many years go to admit to…I began to notice that most “do-it-yourselfers” were making the same mistakes. They were treating each aspect of marketing and advertising as a separate entity. Instead of creating a plan based on the marketing process, they were picking and choosing individual areas to concentrate on. Needless-to-say, they didn’t have much marketing success.

Damage Control

Ooops! It happens to the best of us. You certainly didn’t mean to, but you’ve managed to make a customer angry. Now what do you do?

The Most Important Thing to Know About Advertising

I am often asked, “What is the most important thing to know about advertising?” The answer is simple, although it eludes many people.

Creating Sales Letter Lists That Make Your Customers Drool

You’ve seen them a hundred times. Those lists that copywriters use within their sales letters that tell you what the product or service offers. They might say something like:

Getting Free Publicity – How To Write A Press Release

There is a nasty rumor that press releases don’t work. Not true! Press releases can be a fabulous tool for business promotion … IF they are properly written and presented. A problem occurs because most people are not aware of the special requirements of press releases.

Do It Like A Pro – How To Create A Brochure

One of the most effective and long-standing methods of advertising is the use of a brochure. This miniature corporate profile is an excellent way to convey a good deal of information and bring in sales… IF done properly.

Nip and Tuck – Three Quick Tricks for Writing SEO Copy

Have you ever been to one of those sites that has obviously been written to get high search engine rankings? You know the ones they have copy that sounds like this:

Copywriting Successes and Failures: A Comparison Of the Good and Bad

It’s about 7:00am and time to start my day. While my exact routine varies, one of the first things I always do is check email. As the flood rolls in, I have my finger poised on the delete button… aimed and ready to fire. But then something catches my eye.

Your FAQ Page – A Sales Tool? You Bet!

The FAQ page… a standard addition to almost any site. It usually lists questions customers ask on a regular basis, and the answers to those questions. But what befuddles me is that hardly any sites I’ve visited use this page as a sales tool.

Your Target Audience Who Are They & What Do They Want?

It still amazes me. When I write copy for a company, I always ask about their target audience. I have to know who I’m writing to in order to create a message that will bring a response. But about half the time, the client is absolutely stumped about who their target audience is and what they want.

Is It Time For A Copy Facelift?

I just had to laugh! During a recent conversation about how often you should change your copy, I had one person tell me “Well, if there were any *good* copywriters out there, they’d be able to write it once, and it would work forever!” Oh really? Actually, nothing could be further from the truth.

Is Your Ad Killing Your Brand?

It’s funny to me how companies spend thousands of dollars to develop a brand only to wreck it when they create their advertising campaigns. They pour over colors, fonts, logo designs, Web site creation, USPs, and target audience analyses. But then, when it’s time to bring their message to the public, it all falls apart.

Pop-Up Windows: A Nuisance or a Gold Mine?

How many times a day do you see them as you surf the Web? Pop-up and pop-under windows have become a widely used marketing tool. But do they work? Are they just a nuisance, or are they really the gold mine that all the “gurus” claim?

Case In Point: What You Need To Know About Link Popularity

Link popularity. The term has flooded the ‘Net over the last year, and everybody is in a buzz trying to build link popularity for their sites. But do we really understand what link popularity is, and how it works best? If not, you’re about to find out.

Understanding the Buying Process Can Increase Your Sales

Most marketers don’t give a lot of thought to the buying processes of their customers. That’s a shame. Lending due attention to the buying process can have a dramatic effect on your sales.

Getting More Sales From Your Order Page

It’s the gold medal of e-commerce. Getting that coveted sale is what every online business owner hopes and prays for daily. It’s why we fight for good search engine positioning. It’s why we battle with our copy, making it “just so.” It’s what pays the bills! But what if you could get even MORE sales from your order page? It’s really not very hard to do.

Case In Point: Building a Web Business Doesn’t Have To Cost a Fortune

Ask Bobette Kyle about building a Web business on a small business budget, and you’ll be amazed what she’ll tell you about planning and coordination. By getting to the heart of the online business structure, Bobette saves small businesses lots of time and money. She’s agreed to talk with us today and to share a little of her wealth of knowledge.

Developing An Ezine Built To Last

Jill Whalen is well known for her search engine optimization talents. She’s equally well known for her ezine, High Rankings Advisor. From its inception in 2000 until today, she has built an exceptionally loyal subscriber base of over 15,000 that would literally follow her to the ends of the ‘Net and back. How did she do it? We’re about to find out!

Case In Point: Get A Full-Page Magazine Ad Free

As you know, I am continually on the look out for innovative marketing ideas that bring a high return on investment. This one is truly creative! Thanks to Roosevelt Best of UK-based Naturally First and Astrology First for sharing his ingenuity – and his results – with us.

KARON: Hello Roosevelt. Thank you for taking the time to give us some details about this unusual (and highly effective) marketing idea.

Is Your Ezine A Wealth of Information or A Sales Trap?

Ask successful ezine publishers what draws subscribers to their ezines, and you’ll be told one very important thing. Content, content, content. However, many would-be ezine publishers focus more on selling than they do on valuable information. They turn their attention toward making money instead of building relationships. If you follow suit, that practice will surely be the death of your ezine, my friend.

“What? Ezines are supposed to be this wonderful marketing tool. They are supposed to help me get more sales. What do you mean that selling will be the death of my ezine?”

Case In Point: Designing A Site That Demands High Traffic

Marnie Pehrson may not be well known for driving traffic to Web

sites, but she should be! Her ability to get literally hundreds

of thousands of page views a month is simple astounding! (NOTE:

I said "page views," not "hits." BIG difference!) I had to ask

her to reveal her secrets so that we all could learn how to

create a Web site that simply demands high traffic.

Industry Pro Interview: Marketing Beyond the Basics

I had the privilege of interviewing Diane Garrod of TalkCity.com. Talk about a marketing pro! Her online specialty is marketing – helping for profit and nonprofit clients to acquire, retain and upgrade customers and/or donors. Diane has worked with many high profile clients such as Mattel, Lipton, Costco, Novell, Kemper Funds, Columbia Studios, Toyota, and NBC. Read carefully as Diane takes us into a new level of marketing success!

The Selling Power of Consumer Confidence

Butch Pujol came into his business through a unique series of events. Being taken advantage of himself didn’t set well with Butch and he realized that many others had been through the same thing. His background lends itself to Butch’s need to provide service and to care for others. The combination of these elements came together in a realization that when you take care of your customers – when you put forth a strong image of consumer confidence – your customers take care of you by granting you their loyal and repeat business.

Increase the Buying Frequency From Your Customers

Kevin Clark (“Mr. Entrepreneur”) is a high-energy champion for those who want to start a business or get more profit out of their business. He’s a regional winner of the prestigious Entrepreneur Of The Year Award and was inducted into the Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame.