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Case In Point: Getting 24% ROI On Email Campaigns

So often we hear of individuals who get exceptional returns-on-investment from their advertising campaigns. However, what we don’t often hear are the intimate details of how these people work their strategies. Marketer Diane Hughes has agreed to give us the nitty gritty of her latest solo ad project, including how she consistently earns 24% in profits.

Making Your Sales Copy Sell… Even In A Recession

I was talking with a group of business associates the other day and one question popped up that was of particular interest. “Is everyone finding that sales come MUCH slower these days?” The answer from all on the call was a resounding yes! The next question won’t surprise you… “What do we do about it?”

Case In Point: Consistent Response Rates of 50%

We are all so inundated with advertising these days that we barely take note any more. Statistics show that it takes an ever-climbing number of impressions before our customers take note of us, too. The quest for new, attention-getting mediums is one that every marketer pursues. The Holy Grail is the one that brings about immediate and consistent responses. Would you believe that a ghost from the past is now the bright and shining star of the marketing future?

Industry Pro Interview: The Selling Power of Consumer Confidence

Butch Pujol came into his business through a unique series of events. Being taken advantage of himself didn’t set well with Butch and he realized that many others had been through the same thing. His background lends itself to Butch’s need to provide service and to care for others. The combination of these elements came together in a realization that when you take care of your customers – when you put forth a strong image of consumer confidence – your customers take care of you by granting you their loyal and repeat business.

Take The Focus OFF Your Customers

Through all our customer service training – whether formal or informal – we’ve been taught that we need to put the focus on our customers. Everything should be about them. All aspects of the service experience should center around the customer.

Free Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Web Site

You’ve developed a new web site. Congratulations! How exciting! Now all you have to do is sit back and watch the business roll in, right? Not really.

FREE Offline Methods to Promote Your Internet Business

All the talk these days seems to focus around ways to promote your Internet business. Most of them center around online methods such as Ezine advertising and banner ads. But there are some excellent, offline methods you can use to promote your business, too. And they’re FREE!

Industry Pro Interview: Branding – Turning Your Customers Into Evangelists

When you say the word “branding”, most people think USP (unique selling proposition). However a USP is far from the equivalent of a brand as we’re about to find out. What is branding? Is it just for “big boys”? And how the heck do you create one, anyway?

Being Small Gives You Big Advantages

Have you ever found yourself being embarrassed to tell clients you’re a small business? Ever tried to look bigger than you really are? I think every small company has. But why?

How To Write Little Tiny AdWords Ads That Bring Giant-Sized Profits

It seems to be a phenomenon. You try Google AdWords Select, your ad gets “disapproved” by the powers that be at Google, you count your losses and give up. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Do You Make It Easy?

Elementary definition: marketing primarily pertains to bringing in new customers. Customer service deals with subjects along the lines of keeping customers happy. However, there is one area where these two diverse topics merge. Making it easy for your customers to buy.

Industry Pro Interview: What Is Uncle Sam Really Entitled To?

Eva Rosenberg (a.k.a. Tax Mama) started out just like you and I did… small! She took her BA in Accounting and MBA in International Business and put it to work with her own online company. TaxMama.com is the result of Eva’s inspiration and dream. She now answers our questions about marketing expenses and what Uncle Sam is really entitled to!

So What?!

When writing advertising copy, asking this question is essential. Why? Because your customer is going to ask it over and over again.

Headlines – The Life or Death of Your Advertising

I’ll bet that headline got your attention! That’s the whole point of headlines to get the attention of your reader and cause them to want to read what’s below the headline.

How To Conduct Your Own Research and Use It To Make More Sales

I received an email from a prospective client the other day. It was disturbing. The message stated, “…my customers aren’t buying and I don’t know what they want anyway. I’m adding new product lines all the time but nothing seems to work.” I could feel her frustration.

It’s Not What You Say But How You Say It

How often have we all heard that statement? However, especially in customer service, it is very true. I see evidence of this everyday.

Inflate Your Sales With Balloon Replicas

Whether you know the term or not, you’ve probably seen “inflatables” many times before. These are the gigantic balloons that are shaped like company logos, mascots, characters or symbols. They hold some real power when it comes to promotion and almost always increase sales when used.

How To Write Motivational Copy That Sells

Who of us hasn’t written advertising copy that we thought was great only to find out it flopped big time? Why? When you wrote it, it seemed very persuasive. You included lots of benefits and even gave a money back guarantee. It got YOU up and moving so why did your customers turn their heads?

When Calling “Technical Support” You Should Also Reach “Customer Service”

Technical support has long been the department in corporations that offers guidance when end-users have difficulty with mechanical or technological processes. Most of us call a tech support department to ask questions about our computer, our VCR, our satellite dish or perhaps our Internet service. For those of you who manage a technical support team, let me make a gentle reminder that tech support should also provide customer service.

Customer Preferences in Online Advertising

Online consumers have given some very explicit information regarding their preferences when it comes to advertising. According to research conducted by Jupiter (www.jup.com), a worldwide authority on Internet commerce, there are several things online business people need to be aware of in order to increase their advertising effectiveness.

Indifference Makes A Difference

Let me tell you a story. My grandmother was recalling the one and only traffic ticket she received. As she went through the story, I remember her being fairly vague about the details. After all, this incident happened over 20 years ago.

Customer Service on the Web

The Internet has become absolutely huge! With all the e-businesses that have popped up over the last 5 years, it’s no wonder customers get frustrated.

Discover THE Most Important Element of Your Web Site

There are so many ingredients that go into making a successful web site. Layout, design, colors, graphics, photos, links and copy (text) are all included in the mix. Do you know which of these is the most important element? Believe it or not, copy!

Industry Pro Interview: Insider Secrets To Building Your PR Campaign

Todd Brabender of Spread The News Public Relations was kind enough to answer some burning questions most small business owners have about public relations, press releases and gaining media attention.