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Solving the SEO Equation

I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve heard the statement, “I get tons of traffic, but no sales.” It’s normally followed by comments like: “My site is highly optimized for the engines and my rankings are great. I don’t understand why no one is buying.” Let me shed some light on this mystery.

Customer Service is 10% Aptitude and 90% Attitude

Here’s a rhetorical question. Have you ever dealt with the employee at a company who obviously didn’t care one ounce whether your problem got solved or not? Of course! Everyone has. How did that make you feel? No doubt, you were aggravated, frustrated and disgusted. You probably just wanted to say, “Can I talk with somebody who cares just a little bit?!”

The Advertising Balancing Act – Copywriting vs. Placement

Have you ever noticed that no matter which “advertising guru” you listen to, something always seems to be missing? That’s because something IS missing! Advertising is a mix… not a one-item shopping list. There is a combination of elements at play that make advertising work. Leave one of those elements out and you are likely to see poor results.

Case In Point: Article Promotion Is Not Just For Ezines

Almost everyone on the ‘Net is familiar with ezine article promotion. However, Business Essentials subscriber Steve Watson (of Watson’s Streetworks http://www.watsons-streetworks.com) has found a way to get some “free ink” in national paper magazines, too. No… not press releases – full-length articles.

Branding – It’s More Than Just Your USP

When you mention the word “branding” most people automatically think of USP (unique selling proposition). The overall – and incorrect – perception of a brand is that it simply consists of the statement you use to define what you do. Slap your USP on every advertising piece that goes out the door and – tah dah – you’re branded! Not even close.

Light A Fire Under Your Customers

Developing an effective ad takes a lot of steps. Most of them are pretty well known. Develop an interesting headline, support your headline with benefit-filled copy, close with an offer they can’t refuse, etc. Rarely, however, do I see mention of a very important item. The call for action statement.

Acknowledge the Customer’s Complaint

Have you ever gone to the store to complain about an item that broke after one use?

Industry Pro Interview: Expanding Your Market Reach For More Sales

Have you ever wondered how to get out of a “sales slump”? I think all of us have! One of the most common things we, as small business owners, allow ourselves to suffer through is “narrow mindedness”. We have thoughts about what our product/service is, what it does and who it serves.

Case In Point: Developing An Ezine Built To Last

Jill Whalen is well known for her search engine optimization talents. She’s equally well known for her ezine, High Rankings Advisor. From its inception in 2000 until today, she has built an exceptionally loyal subscriber base of over 15,000 that would literally follow her to the ends of the Net and back. How did she do it? We’re about to find out!

Taking Your Business From The Information Age To the Age of Personal Touch

How many years has it been since the Internet launched publicly? At least 10 if not more. And as it goes with every life-changing invention, we all assume that it “just can’t get any better than this”! And, as it always goes, we are dead wrong.

What Are Keywords And What The Heck Do You Do With Them?

When I first began my online business, I honestly thought that the moment I uploaded my Web site to the host it would magically appear on every search engine in existence. Some of you are giggling. Others are saying, “You mean it doesn’t”? No… it doesn’t.

Long Copy Works Better – Or Is It Short Copy?

Ahhh! The never-ending battle. I’m sure you’ve heard both statements made with passion. Those that believe you must walk your customer through each and every benefit preach, “Long copy sells better!” Proponents of this copywriting method say customers need to be “lead” or “teased” into reading the next paragraph and the next. Finally, when you have them drooling, you reveal the punch line.

STOP! Don’t Click That Link!

I have a question. Why is it that most people will not click a link to buy a product or service if they suspect it is an affiliate sale? All those who are resellers in affiliate programs try extremely hard to disguise or hide links that may even appear to be related to affiliate programs for this very reason. They’ve seen the statistics and know for a fact that most people will cut the ID tag off and type the direct URL into their browser. Why is that?

To Increase Your Advertising Effectiveness – Stop Selling!

How many times have you heard the old adage, “The customer doesn’t want a drill, he wants a hole in his wall”? While I may disagree with parts of that phrase, one thing is for sure… if you want to increase your advertising effectiveness, you have to stop selling what YOU want the customer to buy and start solving his problems.

Your Customers Want What You Want

You know, it’s very odd. Many business owners sit back and wonder why their customers are “so hard to get along with”. They constantly demand more and more. They ask for special consideration under certain circumstances and they always want you to bend the rules.

Advertising Secrets I Learned From The Kirby Vacuum Cleaner Man

I was just sitting here at my computer (as usual) when my husband walked in and announced, “There’s a man here to see you”. What? I wasn’t expecting anyone. “Who is it”, I asked. “Some guy who wants to speak with my wife.” OK, my husband was home so I knew I was safe. I ventured outside to see who it was.

Industry Pro Interview – Increase the Buying Frequency From Your Customers

Kevin Clark (“Mr. Entrepreneur”) is a high-energy champion for those who want to start a business or get more profit out of their business. He’s a regional winner of the prestigious Entrepreneur Of The Year Award and was inducted into the Entrepreneurship Hall of Fame.

Taking Time For You

Whether you’re a small one-man show or an international corporation, customer service should be a primary focus of your business. Everyone is aware that providing excellent service is what keeps your customers coming back again and again. In return, those customers keep paying your salary over and over. It makes sense to keep them happy.

There’s Free Advertising Money Out There. Do You Know Where To Find It?

Even those with very little experience in advertising know running ads can get uite expensive. There’s the cost of designing, copy writing, placing ads and tracking ads. The bill runs very high sometimes. However, there might be money available to help you with your advertising expense. It’s called Co-Op (cooperative) Advertising.

Which Ads Work and Which Ones Don’t

Someone (I really wish I could remember who) once said, “Half of all advertising money is wasted. The only problem is we can’t figure out which half!”

Overcoming Poor Coworker Relationships

Granted. You can’t always get along with everybody. There are some people on this earth who simply won’t allow you to make friends with them. However, at some point in life, you are likely to come upon a situation where a good relationship with a coworker has become strained for one reason or another.

Case In Point: Getting Your List To Respond

We all wish we could have ultra-responsive mailing lists, don’t we? The dream of most marketers is to send out their ezine and sit back to watch a flood of orders come in. After all, while we always DO want to provide good, solid information for our readers, we’d all be fibbing if we said our ezines were not a promotional tool as well. So how do we build a responsive list? Ryan Deiss of http://www.SiteSightings.com has some great information to share regarding his last mailing that we can all learn from.

A Secret For Discovering What Your Customers Want

Doesn’t it drive you crazy that people visit your Web site and then just leave? What are they looking for? What is missing from your site that they need? Here’s a free way to find out.

To Make Your Copy Sell – Make A Personal Connection

Copywriting is, in it’s most basic form, a salesman. You aren’t there in person to speak with the prospective customer so your advertising copy does it for you. It answers questions, provides information and (hopefully) guides them to make a purchase. But one thing in particular that gets overlooked very often is the personal connection. This element is vital in creating copy that sells.