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Karl Long believes the experience is the marketing and social media is how customers share experience and has been blogging about it for several years. Karl's primary blog Experiencecurve lives at the intersection of marketing, social media, social software and remarkable customer experience. Karl holds an MBA in Design Management from the University of Westminster and is currently the Web/Social Media Integration Manger for the video game group at Nokia. Karl also writes about t-shirts at tcritic.com
Uncommon Uses – SMS Based Interfaces

Beyond voice, probably the simplest and most ubiquitous technology on the mobile phone is text (SMS), North America has been a bit of a laggard adopting this technology but in the last year or so has really started to use text.

I think the voting on American Idol might have been one part of the tipping point for texting in the US. I’ve certainly seen a rise in the amount of people using text, but being in San Francisco my experience may not be mainstream. Here’s some interesting text interfaces:

Ning – Rise Of The Social Niche-Work

Ning.com is a site that enables users to create their own social networks on any topic they want useing a log of social media tools like photo sharing, video sharing, blogs etc.

There are an amazing array of features avalable and all customizable through a nice ajaxy interface. Basically if you want to create your own version of myspace or facebook for your own college you can, think of it like yahoo groups 2.0. Check out the Battlestar Galactica group on Ning

What Does Carson Daly Know About Social Media?

I have no idea, but he’s on the speaker lineup at the EconSM (economics of social media) conference put on by Paidcontent.org, being held on April 27th in Beverly Hills.

Smart Phones for Smart Bloggers

I have noted a couple of times before that Nokia sent out phones and internet tablets in the past to some bloggers.

Nokia Design Has a YouTube Channel

Looks like the Nokia Design folks have a YouTube channel where they are sharing some conceptual videos exploring the (potential) future of mobile communications.