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Karl Long believes the experience is the marketing and social media is how customers share experience and has been blogging about it for several years. Karl's primary blog Experiencecurve lives at the intersection of marketing, social media, social software and remarkable customer experience. Karl holds an MBA in Design Management from the University of Westminster and is currently the Web/Social Media Integration Manger for the video game group at Nokia. Karl also writes about t-shirts at tcritic.com
Outside Innovation Starts With Inside Innovation

Outside innovation is a systematic process for sourcing, evaluating, and driving ideas through to funding and measuring success but it starts with understanding your internal innovation process. Innovation is an important topic for most companies, it is the essential source …

Debunking Roles of the Influencers
When I first saw the link on Fimoculous with the title “Is the Tipping Point Toast?” I thought someone was going to debunk the whole idea behind it.

Web Standards and Devloping for Mobile

I’ve been an avid Mac user for many years, since about 1996, and actually that’s when I started working on the web.

Law School Symposium on Net Neutrality
A friend of mine at the San Francisco Law school just let me know about a symposium the law school is holding on Net Neutrality.

The Hidden Online Guinness Ad
Guinness has added a little twist to its latest advertising campaign and have hidden it online somewhere for someone to find.

3 Traits of Successful Blogs – Focus, Passion & Originality
Someone on LinkedIn just posed this question “How can one make Blogs more enjoyable or What is that you do to maintain the popularity/readership of your blog?“. Here are my thoughts on this, this may not be all that leads to a successful blog, but these are for me pretty essential ingredients: Focus, Passion, and Originality.

Interactive Agency Blogs
At the Forrester Consumer forum David Armano successfully goaded me into doing a podcast, with his promise of creating a logo for me, and the condition that he can be my first guest i acquiesce.

Apple Battles Customers
The latest furor around the iPhone is that some people who have “hacked” their iPhones are now left with “bricks” or non functioning iPhones due to a recent software update.

Marketers Should Be Terrified By This!
A panel of young adults moderated by Guy Kawasaki which should be very interesting to marketers and anyone in the mobile business.

Technorati Adds Topics
Technorati has just added a new feature called topics, I was very excited to hear this because as you know i’ve written a couple of articles begging Technorati to get back to it’s roots of building tools for bloggers (see Can Bloggers Save Technorati). Unfortunately my excitement was short lived, and I’m beginning to feel like a long suffering technorati user.

Forrester Hires Leading Web Strategy Blogger

Forrester Research have just added another strong player to their social media practice with the hiring of notable web strategist blogger Jeremiah Owyang.

User Generated Content – Motivation

When it comes to user generated content in social networks, video sites, blogs, wiki’s podcasts etc.

I have often made the comment that motivation is probably the most important, and least understood aspect of the whole social media phenomenon.

How Sustainable Is the Story of Your Brand?

In many cases when people buy products they are buying into a story, in many cases a narrative that has been crafted by marketers to tweak your heartstrings in the right places, to push the right buttons. in some cases the brand story is very closely aligned with reality, so there are few incongruence’s, or contradictions of the brand story.

Social Media Disrupts Company Communication
I was inspired this morning by Daniel’s post on his Emergence Media blog titled Marketing Changes: CMOs, Evangelist, Social Media Programs, Website Strategy Positioning, it’s a very meaty article and worth a good read.

Longer Tail of Media Consumption

Ad-Tech: Content King Again?
Interesting keynote/roundtable at AdTech this morning asking the question is content king again? Panlists include Suzie Reider, Head of Advertising for YouTube, Jason Hirschhorn, president Sling Media Group, Kourosh Karimkhany, General Manager Wired Digital, Caroline H. Little CEO and Publisher, Washingtonpost.com and Newsweek Interactive.

Building Blocks Of The Social Web

In a brilliant post on nform.ca, information architect Gene Smith of the Atomiq.org blog outlined the 7 building blocks of social software. This pulls together the work of various people including Matt Webb and Stewart Butterfield and provides a framework that I think is valuable in thinking about social software.

What Makes the Super Bloggers Great?

I started this article as a congratulatory note to David Armano, but I ended up using to do something I’ve been meaning to for a while, which is highlight some great blogs and talk about why I think they have been so successful, particularly over the last year.


Businesses Loving Web 2.0… Except Blogs?
Putting People First blog just posted about a survey that strategy consultancy McKinsey just conducted with executives about web 2.0 technologies and found significant interest and support, but they still shy away from blogs:
NIN Using ARG To Market New Album
I think the concept of marketing using “big games” or ARG’s is one of the most exciting marketing concepts that has emerged in recent years. The way it combines customer experience, co-creation, word of mouth, and customer engagement and lets not forget FUN, makes it a very powerful tool in a marketers repertoire. As Trent says though this is not just about marketing but a new form of entertainment.

Twitter – Uncommon Uses
In a continuation of my series Uncommon Uses (previously Podcasts, wikis and SMS text interfaces) I thought I’d look at Twitter, for such a new simple tool I’m thinking most of the uses are Uncommon Uses. One of the things that made Twitter take off was it’s simplicity and with that simplicity comes the ability for it’s users to mold it into what they want.

BBC Picks Up Sierra Threat Story
Kathy Sierra, author of the brilliant blog Creating Passionate Users wrote a post yesterday describing some incredibly disturbing, horrible, abuse and death threats she has been receiving from some other blogs and bloggers.
The Upfront For A Theoretical YouTube Killer
In an recent article on MarketingVox with the headline “Advertisers Line up at YouTube Killer’s Door” they talk about how big advertisers are all getting behind a video site being planned by NBC. Wow, what a great idea, ignore the site that is serving 100 million video clips a day and put your advertising dollars into a site that no one cares about or is likely to care about.
Don’t Talk About Design Over Email
I’ve just been watching an interview conducted by Merlin Mann of 43Folders fame with Jeffery Veen, previously of Adaptive Path, now with google, and one statement in the interview really rang true with me and that was:

Google Reader’s Integrated Podcast Player
I just noticed as I was browsing through my google reader that it now has an integrated podcast player, simple little feature but really neat.