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Kalena Jordan was one of the first search engine optimization experts in Australia and New Zealand and is well known and respected in the industry, particularly in the U.S. Kalena was one of the founders of http://www.SearchEngineCollege.com and is currently Director of Studies and SEO tutor for the online training institution. Kalena is a member of SEO Consultants and has spoken at the popular Search Engine Strategies Conferences. She is also a moderator at the Search Engine Watch Forums and author of the popular Search Light newsletter.
Why Isn’t my Blogging Helping my SEO Efforts?

Here’s a recent exchange on LiveHelp with blog reader Jerry, who is concerned that his blog efforts aren’t paying SEO dividends:

Jerry: Hi kalena, I’m writing like crazy but not bumping my seo juice. I was hoping for advice

kalena : how are you syndicating your articles?

Jerry : I’m not. I’m just blogging.

: Ah. Have you registered your blog with as many blog directories as possible?

Hide & Seek With Google

After the success of her 30 Days series, Jennifer Laycock of Search Engine Guide has set herself a new challenge: See how well a new site can survive if it hides from Google and other big search engines.

Search Engines Updating Keywords

Dear Kalena…

My question is to do with keywords and how often search engines update them. If I change my keyword or key phrase for a page how long would it take Google to update its index for the keyword or phrase so that it now shows up in a search for that new keyword?


Does Changing a Site’s Name Affect Rankings?

Dear Kalena…

I am thinking of changing the name of my internet business site so as to direct more traffic because the current name, while nice, doesn’t really spell out what we do. It is now Gilt-Edge Luxury Tours and Travel and I would like to change it to DC Luxury Tours. However, we have had this site for 10 years and it well indexed by the search engines. Does changing the name (but not the url which would stay the same) have any impact on the search engines? Or would I have to start all over from scratch if I changed the name?

Pushing Offensive Content Off Google Front Page

Dear Kalena…

On my personal Google page I have noticed some defamatory posts about me from an obscure chat room I was involved in 5 years ago. I’m being accused of posting there now as someone else. I have contacted the webmaster of the relevant site but he refuses to delete the offending posts. Any idea how to adjust my 1st page Google index to push these ugly things out of the way?

Thanks David

Should I Pause my AdWords Campaign on Weekends?

Dear Kalena…

I have another question. I get quite lot of clicks on my Adwords campaign during the weekend but I’ve never made a sale during this time or even Mondays. Do you think it would be a good idea to time adwords by pausing the campaign during the weekends?

I am looking for the best way to save, my cost is sky rocketing ;-)

many thanks


Kalena’s Answer:

Dear Damien

Q&A – Google Sitemaps and Frames

Dear Kalena…

I have two sites; One www.alpine-property.com is top of Google rankings for all my chosen keywords, it has no frames, daily updated content and lots of inbound links, so not surprising.

Is More Text on a Single Page Better For SEO?

Dear Kalena…

Having just bribed you with a coffee, I have a question which might be interesting to other readers. Say a web site has 500 words of text. Would the site have a higher Google PageRank if all the text was on one page (using scroll bars) as opposed to spreading over 5 pages?

For example the home page of the Oz site (http://www.lowercall.com.au/index.html) is currently spread over 4 web pages. The latter pages do not have any PageRank whereas the first page does. Is there any reason why we should not put all the text on one page and use a scroll bar?

More Favicon Q&A

Dear Kalena…

That is not what it was supposed to be -a link farm. It is 6 years of hard link-exchange work. All I know was – that link exchange helps to get attention from the search engines and that was why I started this. I could have done nicer things with my time than sitting night over night to exchange links. After 2 years other websites started asking me to exchange.

Why Can’t I See My Favicon?

Dear Kalena…

I have my own domain and I created a favicon. I did all I was supposed to do but still can’t see the ico. In Mozilla we can see it on our office computer, but on the two other computers we can’t see it on Explorer. I hope after 1.5 days of brain-wrecking trying….. you have the ground breaking answer for me. http://www.mohawkmotel.ca/favicon.ico

Thanks from Canada


Ensuring a Page is NOT Indexed by Search Engines

Dear Kalena…

I want to publish a private page on the web, that only I and a few other people will use. How can I ensure that this page is NOT picked up by search engines?

It will be a wiki style page, so there may be lots of content which could be indexed by the Search Engines. This is what I want to avoid.

Review: Submit Suite – Article Submitter

Here at Search Engine College we generate and receive a high volume of quality articles each month. So you can imagine we were interested to take up Cristina Mailat’s request to review Fastlink2‘s latest product Submit Suite – Article Submitter.

Below is a list of features the product offers:

Google Confirms: 301s Better Than 302s

Yes, I am meant to be on holidays and no, I’m not meant to be posting here, but I felt this news was too important to wait another two weeks.

At the Search Summit Conference this week, I had the opportunity to ask Adam Lasnik from Google a question that I get asked a lot: Is it better to use 301 Permanently Moved or 302 Temporarily Moved redirects if you need to move a site to a new domain?

Accessibility: Alt Tag for Every Image?

Dear Kalena…

Your newsletter reply to one visitor included: "I would also avoid using more than 2 or 3 alt tags on a single page if you can help it." I designed and manage a site for a visually impaired friend who writes children’s books: www.gate.net/~labooks/francesindex.html

My Minimum AdWords Bids Jumped to $10 per Click

Dear Kalena…

First – I have been a constant visitor to your blog and thanks for all the useful insights you share. Coming to my issue – we do PPC advertisements on Google. Our campaigns have been running fine for 2-3 years. Suddenly last week Google dropped 2 of our important keywords saying the ‘quality’ is not good and we have to increase our minimum bids to $10 per click to get it back.

How Do I Add Feedburner to My Site?

Dear Kalena…

Any idea about how to add feed burner to my site? I transferred my blog to my own domain so what is my site feed? Where do i find it?


Kalena’s Answer:

Dear John

Assuming you have already created a Feedburner account, your feedburner address should be: http://feeds.feedburner.com/[yourblogname]. If you haven’t created an account yet, simply go to http://www.feedburner.com and create one based on your blog info.

Bold and Italics in Search Engine Relevancy

Dear Kalena…

A quick question – How much added value is there to placing keyword text within bold, strong, italics, or emphasis tags in terms of the weight given to those terms by search engines?


Kalena’s Answer:

Dear Adam

Does CSS Help Improve Search Engine Rank?

Dear Kalena…

Does CSS help improve search engine rank?


Kalena’s Answer:

Hi contactlab

Web Site Stats in Video Game Format

Think that ClickTracks has the most advanced graphical displays of web site visitor statistics?

YouTube Helps Find Murderer in Canada

Video-sharing website YouTube has helped catch a suspected killer, Canadian police say.

New Trails in Search – Trexy and Turbo 10
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I’m often sent media releases about new search engines or software that all claim to be a first in the industry for something.

How Can I Attract More Visitors To My Site?

Dear Kalena…

Are You Sabotaging Your Site’s Online Visibility?

A recent study of New Zealand’s Top 100 Companies by Web Rank Ltd (more info here: http://www.webrank.biz/Top100NZ.htm) has revealed that every single one of New Zealand’s leading companies have web sites that sabotage their ability to be found by Internet users.

What SEOs Expect From Their Clients

I’ve seen a lot of articles around lately about how to pick and choose a search engine optimization company. That’s fine and dandy, but it often works the other way around in this industry. The most successful SEOs pick and choose their own clients. Good SEOs can spot a tire kicker from a mile off and I know of a few SEOs that quickly “fire” clients that give them too much grief.