About Kais Dukes

Kais Dukes is currently working with a leading derivatives pricing specialist, where he is helping to build one of the world's largest financial systems that uses .NET technology. He is finishing a PhD in Artificial Intelligence, and is also completing a book on Templates and Generative Programming in C++. A selection of his more popular articles can be found at http://www.kaisdukes.com. Kais can be reached at kd@kaisdukes.com
Hotmail using C# – A HTTPMail client under .NET

The great thing about the POP mail protocol is that it is a well-documented open standard, making writing a mail client to collect mail from a POP box a relatively painless process. Armed with basic knowledge of POP, or SMTP it is possible to write proxies which do a variety of useful things, such filter out spam or junk mail, or provide an e-mail answering machine service. Unfortunately, in trying to write a standalone client for Hotmail, the world’s most popular web-based mailing system, the fact that no POP gateway exists rapidly becomes a problem.