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Text vs Pictures: Shedding Light on the Debate

What’s more important to your web site: pictures or text? If you have an ecommerce web site, you need the answer to that question. Your profits depend on it.

Tips for Good Business Writing

You can contribute significantly to your business’ success by developing your writing skills.

If you’re operating a business, eventually you will be required to write a business document. It could be a business letter, a business proposal, a business plan, a marketing strategy, copy for your web site, a white paper, a job description, an inter-office memo, a Board report, a press release, or?

Six Ways to be Responsible to Your Business

This week someone asked me to identify how I was being irresponsible to my business. My first reaction was denial. I am not irresponsible. I work long hours. My middle name could be “Responsible”, for goodness sake.

Preventing e-thrombosis: Keeping Healthy Through Inconvenience
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Are you at risk of developing e-thrombosis?

Deliver Profits With Direct Mail

If you are in business, you might want to consider using direct mail to find new customers or drum up more business from your existing ones. If using a print broker or a direct mail agency isn’t within your budget, you might opt to do the mailing yourself.

Building Business Momentum

What development stage is your business in?

Contracts Demystified

If you are in business, you will inevitably be required to produce or sign a contract. Although contract language can be confusing, the purpose is simply to outline the terms that two parties agree to when entering a business arrangement. Before signing on the dotted line there is room for negotiation and bargaining, but once signed by both parties, contracts are legally binding.

Need Help? Contract or Hire.

Has your business reached the point where you need an extra pair of hands to get all the work done? If so, you are facing a decision. Should you hire an employee or to contract the work out? Obviously, if you require a full-time presence in your workplace such as a receptionist or counter clerk, then hiring an employee is your option. Otherwise, an independent contractor could be an alternative solution.

Picture a Digital Camera in your Business Inventory

If you’re operating a small business, a digital camera could be on your wish list. You could:

Things Ezine Publishers Want Subscribers To Know

Want to make the most of the ezines that you receive? Understanding the following will go a long way towards making your ezine subscribing a pleasant experience.

Attract Media Coverage Without Spending Advertising $$

Advertising is expensive. PR is often low cost or free. Try these ten tips for attracting free PR to your business. But here is a word of caution. When sending press releases to the media, remember that less is more. The journalist who encounters a press release from your company every week learn to ignore anything with your name on it.

Promote Your Business With an Email Signature

Does your email signature contain a humorous quip or a philosophical quote from a dead poet? If yes, you’re wasting a wonderful opportunity to promote your business for free!

Setting up an Internet Business? Consider Drop Shipping

You’ve tried affiliate programs, but you’d like higher profits and more control over your business. You don’t have your own products and you don’t want to manage an inventory. Drop shipping might be your answer.

Tips for Reducing Costs of Shipping and Handling

If shipping and handling is one of your profit centers, you already know that this can be an expensive and time-consuming aspect of your business operations. Try these tips:

Business Plan or Business Proposal? Know the Difference
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Do you know the difference between a business plan and a business proposal? These are two very different business documents, each serving a distinct purpose. Be sure you’re using the correct type of document to get the results you want.

The Two Sentence Advantage

Has this happened to you? You attend one of these ever-popular networking events and the MC calls for introductions. Everyone is expected to stand and introduce themselves and their business. You note gratefully that the MC has imposed a 30-second time restriction on each introduction. Now there’s hope you’ll make it home in time for tomorrow morning’s Corn Flakes.

Files, Files, Files

What are all those strange files you find on the Internet?

Tips for Researching a Franchise Operation

A franchise operation can be an excellent investment for people dreaming of self-employment. Franchise opportunities fall into three basic categories: Product, Service and Wholesale Distribution. The franchise you select must be one that will maintain your interest through years to come. Not even a lucrative franchise opportunity will work for you if you find the business dull or boring. However, like all business opportunities, there are risks involved. You’ll minimize the risks by doing your homework before you sign on the dotted line.

Help! There’s an Intruder in my Computer

Do you have passwords, love letters, naughty pictures or sensitive business information stored on your computer’s hard drive? If you have a continuous Internet connection such as cable, xDSL, ISDN or other, you should know that it’s almost embarrassingly easy for a hacker to break into a networked computer.

Somebody’s Distributing Your Copyright Content Illegally? Know Your Facts Before You Accuse

Is someone distributing your software or other copyright content illegally over the Internet? It’s possible. It happens. If you can prove your case, you have grounds for legal action.

Need Help? Consider an Intern

Could you use an extra set of hands around your workplace?

If you could make do with some help (and who couldn’t), but hiring an extra employee isn’t a viable solution, then you might consider offering an internship.

Computer Injury: No Laughing Matter

You might not think of computers as “dangerous” machinery, but those of us who use them for sustained periods are at risk of doing ourselves serious injury. That is, if your worklife or your business operation depends upon your ability to use a computer, and you develop a condition that prevents you from doing so, that meets my criteria for a serious injury.

10 Tips for Designing an Ecommerce Web Site

Want to sell your goods directly from your site? Here are 10 tips:

How Not to Mulligan Your Business Golf Game

Spending four hours on a course with a potential client or business affiliate offers you a golden opportunity to build either bridges or chasms. Many believe that how a person conducts himself or herself on the golf course reflects how they perform in business situations. A business golfing date is a time to put your best golfing shoe forward.