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A Dozen Tips for Starting an Import/Export Business

Thinking of starting an import/export business? Jennifer Henzel, a Certified Import/Export Trade Professional offers these tips for getting started:

Ask a Disaster Recovery Specialist

What would happen to your data if: a. you backed your SUV over your laptop? b. your laptop spent two days in a sunken cruise ship submerged at the bottom of the Amazon River? c. firefighters rescued your computer’s scarred carcass from a flaming warehouse?

Developing Career Opportunities on the Web or Looking for Work in All the Right Places

Want to break into a good web job?

The days when a high school graduate could step into a lower- level web design job are over, according to Jennifer Laycock, forum administrator for JimWorld.com. Entry-level web positions require a much wider skill set than was the case five years ago. However, there is good news for the newcomer. Plenty of opportunities are opening up for industrious self- starters who look for work in all the right places.

Mark Your Territory in the Pet Industry

North America’s pet industry is booming. A study released by MarketResearch.com predicts that the pet care and pet supplies industries will reach an $8 billion market by 2007. Pet owners are demanding luxury products and services for their companion animals. Savvy entrepreneurs are jumping on board to meet the challenge.

The New Ergonomics: Good Health through Inconvenience

You spend your day at a computer workstation or executive desk. The furniture item fills up the corner of the room, holds your computer, fax/phone/copier, scanner, filing basket and a year’s worth of office supplies. There’s enough space left over to spread out a picnic lunch if you are so inclined.

Where Were You When the Lights Went Out?

August 2003 will be remembered as the month when North America’s East Coast suffered massive power failure, rendering cities, communities and businesses without power.

Ten Tips for Hassel-free Business Travel

If you’re a road warrior, these travel tips will help reduce the stress of your journeys.

Getting Ready for a Media Interview

If you’re in business, especially if you are doing business on the Internet, the day will come when you are invited to do a media interview. Perhaps someone has read your online articles and is impressed, or perhaps your local newspaper or television station is profiling interesting Internet entrepreneurs in their community. Whatever the reason, you are being given an excellent opportunity to promote your business. To get the most mileage from your interview, consider the following tips:

Internet Marketing Terminology Explained

Planning an Internet marketing strategy? Will you get the best ROI from a CPA, CPC, PPL, or a hybrid model? And how will you track your CPM and determine your CTR?

Develop Workshops and Promote your Business

Pssst! Want to make money while promoting your business? Deliver workshops or training events in your area of expertise, and you’ll accomplish both. You’ll also establish yourself as an expert in your field.

Marketing Scams and Hype? Just Say No

When I started my business in 1996, I developed my business plan around the Internet. I use the Internet to find customers, resources, information and products and services. The Internet provides wonderful opportunities to new entrepreneurs and opens up possibilities that weren’t previously available.

Outsourcing: A Viable Option for Today’s Business Owners

A software developer phoned recently to ask me to edit the writing in a PowerPoint file that will be shown to possible investors. Nothing is unusual about a self-employed writer getting a phone call from a potential client. It becomes a little unusual, however, when we learn that the developer resides in Gujarat, India and I am situated in Vancouver, Canada.

Customer Service: Beyond Company Policy

There’s more to customer service dealing with order fulfillment, returns, complaints and questions. Good customer service is based on respect and concern — qualities that can’t be spelled out in a company policy.

Are You an Entrepreneur or Simply Self-Employed?

Are you an entrepreneur or are you self-employed? It’s not just semantics. Entrepreneurs are leaders who know how to make their business grow over the long haul. Self-employed people continue working as they did when they were employed, but now they are their own boss.

How to Write an Effective Letter of Complaint

You’re so mad you could spit. That #*^$% company got your order wrong again. You’re gonna fire off a letter that’ll make made their head spin. Nobody’s gonna treat you like that!

Keeping an Eye on the Competition

Do you know what your competition is up to? Are they gaining on you? Preparing to launch a new product? Planning an expansion? Facing bankruptcy?

Should You Add an Affiliate Program to the Marketing Mix?

Online sales from the corporate web site not all you had hoped for? Is the site barely holding its own even though you’ve paid top dollar for a good design, your best copy writers generated the text, and a search engine guru managed to get you decent rankings in the search engine war?

Your Portfolio: A New Slant on an Old Subject

If you’re involved in any sort of freelance, or creative work, you know the importance of a portfolio. You need an efficient way to show your best work to potential clients, customers and employers. This article discusses a new approach to creating your portfolio and new ways to portray your creative work to best advantage.

A Feasibility Study and You: A Dynamic Duo

You have a great new business idea. You’ve asked your friends and family for feedback and they gave you thumbs up approval. You’ve asked your existing customers if they’d have use for such a product or service and they’ve indicated they would. Lastly, you’ve done some soul searching and you know you’re truly interested in this concept and have the commitment to stick with it over the long haul.

7 Questions to Ask During a Recruitment Job Interview

A good employee is one of your company’s greatest assets. A poor employee is a liability.

After the SNAFU Comes Damage Control

Doing Damage Control When the Storm is Over

What do you do when your online business suffers from a major screw -up and your email is full of complaints from irate customers? In other words, you are recovering from what the military people used to call a SNAFU – an acronym for Situation Normal: All Fouled Up.

10 Ways to Kick Start Your Cash Flow

Is your cash flowing out faster than it’s flowing in? This can happen for a number of reasons and can be a sign that your business is growing at a faster speed than you are ready to handle. Perhaps your best customer has given you a $100,000 order — but you need cash right now to buy the supplies needed to produce the product.

5 Steps to Strategic Planning

Where do you want your business to be a year from now? Five years?

Tips for Effective Telephone Use

The lowly telephone is an indispensable item of business equipment. Still, if improperly used, this necessary item can cause client dissatisfaction or loss of customers. Keep these tips in mind to use your telephone to the best advantage: