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Julie Jordan Scott is a Co-Founder of We Coach People Network: a Community for Coaches to Create a Webpresence and Methods for Achieving Coaching Success without Breaking the Bank. Find out more about this new site now: http://www.WeCoachPeople.net Visit her website: http://www.5passions.com
10 Steps to Moving From Freebie Coaching to Paid Coaching

One of the places many coaches get stuck and in fact quit the coaching profession is the inability to master the bridge between having a complimentary coaching session to being hired by the prospective client.

With Passion, Everyday?

“Well, you learn something new everyday.” said Mrs. Parker, the neighborhood matriarch. She was looking vacantly out her domain, otherwise known as our neighborhood. She sounded lackadaisical: surely not intrigued by the process.

To Start Succeeding, Stop Pushing!

“I have to solve this problem now. The sooner the better!”

“Once I figure this out I will…..”

“I can’t do Y until I do X and I do X RIGHT”

Magic Happens

Those are the words in an advertisement on the television screen when I walked into the living room yesterday. I was doing my usual morning routine of getting the children up and out of the house so Katherine would arrive at school on time.

Making the Most of Your Gold Nuggets

There is a Growth Formula I have used in Coaching that has really made some huge shifts In the lives of those who apply it.

10 Brilliant Methods to Move from Blechhh to Breakthrough in 5 minutes or less

Ever have one of those days? Seems as if the cloudy murkiness holds over your head sort of like the cloud of dust is continually hovering around Pig Pen’s feet in the Peanuts cartoons.

One Hundred Goals? YES! One Hundred Goals!

Was this speaker stark raving mad? One hundred goals? He thought I could come up with 100 goals for my life?

Two Sentences

Two sentences from 1977.

The one single, specific memory I have from the ninth grade was during a math class. We were being introduced to Geometry for the first time. The teacher whose name I can surprisingly not remember, asked “What is intuition?”

5 Secrets to Achieving Your Goals with Passion

Some faces scrunch up as if to say, “I wish you had not asked that!” Others look contemplative, as if saying, “Oh, I am so grateful you reminded me of that question, now I can take some powerful action!” And then there are the few who answer with confidence, knowing exactly what they are meant to do by when and how.

Maximizing the Landmark Experiences of Your Life

Eric closed his eyes as he rubbed his temples for what seemed like the twentieth time that hour. His life lately resembled an episode from a daytime soap opera rather than reality. A thought entered his crowded consciousness: “What is it about me that I can not have a quiet, calm, uninterrupted life?”

Top 7 Ways to Stop Procrastinating Now

We have all experienced it. Putting things off, not doing what we believe needs to get done. Finally, we commit to the process and leap into getting our “stuff” done, and we are amazed at both how simple AND how energizing it was to complete all our tasks.

From Complacency to Power

Simmering like a pot of vegetables right on the verge of a boil, Grace knew something had to change. She was stagnant, nothing was moving. People had made promises yet situations had not changed. She was frustrated. She was clearly not in the driver’s seat and was tired of waiting for shifts to happen that needed to happen in order to get where she wanted to go.

3 Powerful Tools for Building Your Bridge

As a child, George’s family went on long leisurely drives through the rural areas of the Mid Atlantic states. During these journeys, bridges of all shapes and sizes were crossed. From the hugeness of the George Washington Bridge which connects New York and New Jersey to the subtle, quiet beauty of the back road covered bridges linking one side of the road to another over quietly flowing brook.

The Empty Envelope

As I sifted through my mail, I saw the envelope. It was one of those padded envelopes that usually hold books or audiotapes. I knew it would probably arrive that day, because in my Prospering Women’s group our coach, Christen, mentioned she had sent them winging on their way to each of us.

Yearly Check-Up

Remember last year, the message that we could not escape?

Think for a moment.

Every newspaper, every news program, magazines of all sorts were carrying stories about it.

10 Simple Ways to Experience Outrageous Joy: Guaranteed!

1. Participate in activities that you loved as a third grader. Were you in the class play? Take an acting class! Did you love basketball? Join a basketball league. No excuses, simply do it!

Point of Decision

How many decisions do you make daily?

Think for a moment. Isn’t everything a decision? Do I get up as soon as the alarm goes off, or do I hit the snooze button? Do I wear my pants today, or my skirt? Do we smile or scowl at people first thing in the morning?

Creating Your Mission Statement

The opening scenes of Jerry Maguire are forever imprinted in my mind. We experience Jerry’s life as a high powered Sports Agent with a multitude of big money clients. He is at a convention with fellow Sports Agents.