About Judy Vorfeld

Writer, copyeditor, and web developer Judy Vorfeld offers website makeovers; small business consulting; along with website, document, and book copyediting. She publishes two ezines, offers a grammar and writing resource section on her site http://www.ossweb.com, and also offers a free text-only ezine template. Vorfeld, who started her business over ten years ago, lives in the Phoenix, Arizona area. Her companion site is Webgrammar: http://www.webgrammar.com.
How to Create an ASCII Text Ezine

What’s the difference between text ezines and all others? A true text ezine is created in text editors like Notepad, Notetab, WordPad and UltraEdit. What you create is exactly what the reader sees, fonts included. Most of the time.

Correcting Software Translations

Some time after I started a new profit center, polishing foreign software translations, I began encouraging others in my industry to follow my lead. If you love working with words, here’s part of what you need to begin a similar venture: good grammar and communication skills, focus, flexibility, and wisdom.

When it’s Okay to Break Grammar & Design Rules

Will you break some of the sacred top ten Web Design Rules for Success if you create clumpy clusters of yellow text parked on an orange background, surrounded by bouncing hippos or cattle wearing shoes? It depends.

How Web Designers Sell Themselves

Are you one of those Web designers who design quite well, but don’t have time to work on your own site? Savvy Web surfers looking for designers expect a great deal from a site offering Web development/design.

Put Your Online Text To Work!

Do you struggle through a maze of Internet words, acronyms, and phrases, wondering if you’ll ever learn enough to successfully operate your online business? Is your brain buzzing with thoughts of associate programs, e-commerce, conflicting statistics, just-in-time transactions, B2B, B2C, B2Whatever, and branding?

Starting a Home-based Office Support Business?

Are you tired of the rat race and thinking about resigning your Stress City job and starting an office support business in a month or so? Hmmm. You might want to come back and re-read this article if things don’t work out. I won’t say, “I told you so!” Promise.

The Internet: Homonym Heaven

Have you ever visited a visually attractive site and then spotted phrases such as, “If your interested in learning more about our Websight, e-mail us,” or “This product comes with an unconditional guarantee. It’s high quality will make you’re life better!”? How about, “Body fat problems? We can help. Of coarse you need patients when it comes to reducing the access around you’re waste.”

Polished Presentations

Do you spend money on a product if the presentation looks unprofessional? Case in point: As my husband and I approached a small family restaurant, I spotted two hand-scrawled signs in the window: Help Wanted. Cook Wanted.

Failing as a Web Designer? Specialize!

Did you struggle to create your own business Web site, deciding along the way to become a Web designer? Or did you plan on becoming a Webmaster from Day One? Are things working out as you’d hoped? If not, read on.

Bulleted Lists: Capitalization and Punctuation

Before the introduction of word processing (via word processors and computers), most publications displayed lists in either outline form or numbered lists. Now we have bullets. This creates a new layer of confusion on how to use capitalization and punctuation in such lists. Following are some questions and answers to use as guidelines:

Build my Business by Offering Free Stuff? Why?

Do you want a Web site that generates more business?That’s what most of us want. Once I decided to create and manage my own Web site, I began studying how to build a site that would reach out and touch potential clients.

Working at Home: Both Sides of the Coin

If you’re considering a home-based business, why not begin a special list of the advantages and disadvantages of running such a business. While the following article may seem flippant, there is a serious side to almost every phrase.