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Judith Tramayne-Barth's site is http://www.agoodread.com which has free books, articles and link pages you'll love. She also writes excellent "how-to" books.
Get a Clue

Everybody and their sister are getting on the web to sell their products. This is great! The more products being offered the greater prosperity will be enjoyed by the many instead of the few.

Self-Publish Your Books

Self-Publish Your Books

Fact or Fiction?

Does life duplicate fiction or does fiction duplicate life? Yes, the statement is meant to be backwards.

What is the Best Marketing Method?
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After four years on the Internet, I read constantly where “search engine placement” is the key to success and I am here to tell you this is baloney. Yes, it is a necessary ingredient but not something you should hyper-ventilate over.

What Pushes Your Button To Buy?

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out if your sales are zilch or low, the copy on your web page needs revamping! This is when you need to ask “What pushes your button to buy?”

Spider Friendly Copy

If a person clicks on a link from a search engine, will they find something of interest which makes them click your navigation to see more or will they leave immediately?

You have to think about how search engine’s index your site. They don’t just take your index (home page) and point to it – nope, they gather all your links to different pages on your site and list each one.

Are your “Pearls of Wisdom” littered with dung?

An experienced writer knows just how much dung to toss and how much to keep on his shovel or buried. Throw too much and you lose your reader. Too little and your characters suffer.

Email Your Brain To Tomorrow

What is the first thing you do each morning? No, smart aleck, I mean AFTER you hit your computer’s on button.

Write It and They Will Come

Write it, offer it for free on your site and they will come. Yeah right and then you woke up.

Gateway Pages – What a Waste!

Everybody and their sister is telling you to make Gateway or Doorway pages to get listed higher in Search engines. I’m here to tell you this is a waste of your valuable time. If you follow the guidelines I’ve given below, you should increase your position and, if you do it right, be ranked in the top 10. The following list (in order of importance) will show you how:

Get Bazaar’d

You’ve got an ebook – you promote heavily all across the Internet and your sales are sort of okay but they could be better. So now what? Other than going out and mugging people on the street, how do you kick jump a short term revenue stream?

Let The Movie Run in Your Head

Everybody and their sister wants to write a novel. Are they capable? Sure. Will they? No. Why? They make it harder than it really is.

Seven Search Engine Similarities

It’s true – search engines are a royal pain when you try to optimize your web pages for them but you can reduce the pain by analyzing their similarities.

Targeting using a Mind Map

When trying to find your target audience for your product or service, use a technique called mind-mapping. It will help you think outside the box.

Upsell For Free

Well you got on the bandwagon, created a website filled with products yet, month after month the counter on your site looks like it died from lack of interest.

Listen Up — Clueless in Cyberspace!

You designed the perfect web site. Right? Well let’s use the following scorecard and see how your site ranks. Is it good, bad or ugly? Take this web design quiz and find out.

No Time For Ezine

How many times have you read “the best way to market your site is to start a newsletter?” I’m here to tell you this is bull puckey.

Analyzing Your Way To Success

Once your site is indexed, analyzing your logs becomes extremely important. There is a wealth of information just waiting for you to use.

Now this presumes you have logs which you can analyze. If you don’t, there are sites which offer free site tracking and you can find them if you do a search.

Make Your Free eBook Shine

Everybody and their sisters are jumping on the bandwagon to create free ebooks. Why? Because they know freebies are great sales tools and can bring loads of visitors to their site.

How to Make a FREE E-Book

If you’ve been on the ‘Net for two minutes, the first thing you learn is there are plenty of e-books available for you to read. Everybody and their sister has written e-books on the best way to Market, HTML tutorials, etc. and are offering them free. Why?

Putz, Piddle & Procrastinate with Passion

Are the three P’s — putzing, piddling and procrastinating – giving you an anxiety attack? Well quit hyper-ventilating and use them to your advantage.