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Joyce Weiss shows leaders easy ways to boost the bottom line. Be Direct with Respect is a fresh approach to increase morale. She is the author of Full Speed Ahead: Become Driven by Change and Take the Ride of Your Life! Joyce has been quoted in USA TODAY, INC, Chicago Tribune, Selling Power, and other national magazines. Visit Joyce at http://www.Joyceweiss.com. Visit for free weekly reports on easy ways to add humor and balance at work and home.
Ten Tips to Keep Motivated Employees and Wow Your Customers

In many companies, work has become a place of disillusionment. Employees start with enthusiasm and creativity, but day after day they feel more and more helpless, as if they don’t have any real choices anymore. Employees are overwhelmed, exhausted and bored. They feel like they have been shot down. Complaining and ridiculing others becomes the norm. The “romance” is gone. If this scenario sounds like your company, don’t despair. Deep down, employees are begging to gain a sense of hope and enthusiasm again, but they need your help. If you make a genuine effort to follow these ten tips, you will not only notice attitude shifts, but real changes in behavior among your employees. Give it a shot, and watch the work environment improve and where employees want to come to work!