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IT Services Outsourcing When You Don’t Know Everything

IT services outsourcing is what you need to do when, not if, your prospects ask for products and services that you are not able to deliver.

IT Consulting Services: Choosing What to Offer

IT consulting services are offered at different levels and types in almost all the virtual IT businesses you encounter. Deciding which IT consulting services you should offer is a key consideration when starting your business.

The IT Consultant Keeps Spare Parts Handy

An IT consultant needs to be aware that PC vendors are typically very willing to cover inexpensive products like a mouse under standard warranties.

Computer Reseller Business: Effective Recourse Policies

As a professional in the computer reseller business, you need to create strong recourse policies to handle any customer complaints.

Starting IT Consultant Projects

The first step in information technology consultant projects is initial client contact.

IT Service Contracts Require Practice

Sometimes after you secure IT service contracts, you might be afraid that your customers might give you more than you can handle, or that you won’t be able to deliver service on time.

IT Consultation: Qualifying a Customer

IT consultation projects start with a phone call and are followed by a meeting with prospects.

Marketing Techniques for Value Added Resellers

Marketing techniques are as plentiful as they are varied. The marketing consultants, advisers, service providers, etc… all make sure that you have many different marketing technique options to choose from.

Credibility Is Key For Successful IT Integrators

Credibility is an overused buzz word but it is so critical to business success that it can’t be overlooked.

Small Business Development: A Must For IT Consultants

Small business development is a make or break activity when starting out as an IT consultant. You need to get your name out there as much as you can.

IT Spending: Putting a Budget Surplus to Good Use
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If you sell to government, non-profit or educational accounts, your firm may be accustomed to managing this next challenge.

IT Support: Setting Rates

With setting your IT support rates, there is no ethical dilemmas. You need to charge what is going to make you have a successful, viable business.

IT Consulting: Steps to a Gradual Business Launch

In IT consulting, you need a step-by-step plan to launch your practice. There are 21 steps that will take you through the first 90 days of beginning your IT consulting business.

IT Consulting: Identifying Sweet Spot Clients

If you want to make a decent living and have a good, strong, sustainable IT consulting business, sooner or later you are going to come to this conclusion that the sweet spot of small businesses is the place to be.

IT Consulting Rates: What Should You Charge?

Your hourly IT consulting rate potentials will vary according to where you live.

PC Hardware: How Ego Can Cost Your Clients

Your clients might be tempted to outfit their top managers and producers with the latest and greatest PC hardware.

IT Spending: Your Clients Aren’t a PC Vendor’s Science Experiment

If you’ve been in the computer consulting business for a while, you know that influencing product selection is one of the more valuable services that your firm performs for its client base.

IT Sales: Stop Selling Commodities and Start Selling Knowledge

The first piece of advice in marketing to strangers is to stop selling products as your lead entre, as you get your foot in the door with IT sales.

IT Marketing: Find the Decision Makers

The best way to grow beyond your customer base is to do some more IT marketing by getting out there in the community and meeting other people that are the decision makers.

IT Sales: What is Your Unique Offering?

What benefits you can give your clients that will be different from the average Joe Consultant?

Virtual IT: Grow Your Business by Providing Ongoing Service

Virtual IT: How It Can Benefit Your Business

IT Specialists: Are Non-Profits a Viable Market?

Yes, non-profits are viable. But there are certainly more financially rewarding sectors for IT specialists.

IT Marketing Secrets on Seminars and White Papers

In order to sell a solution, you have to build awareness that there is a problem. Once you have built that awareness, you need to build awareness that your firm can solve that problem.

IT Marketing: Using Testimonials

In IT marketing, testimonials can be a great selling point for your business. In this article, you’ll learn how to use testimonials to your fullest advantage.