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Marketing to Teens

Yesterday we covered some recent studies to help those of you marketing to teenagers online. Today we have one more:

A Better Ask Commercial (not saying much)

Ask has a new television commercial. And, yep, it’s . . . disappointing. Yes, the Lisa makes incredible points about how they’re still objectifying the opposite sex and how googling ogling Kato Kaelin is just plain weird. And yes, their campaign since hiring CB+P has been disjointed and disappointing. But since she’s covered all that so well, I hardly have anything to add. So I’ll quote her:

Google’s Market Share Growth Slows

Hitwise reports that Google’s market share for May is 65.13%. While fielding nearly two thirds of all US searches is definitely not a bad thing, Google’s market share didn’t grow over April 2007. In fact, it actually declined 0.13 percentage points. While the amount is minuscule (representing 0.2% of their market share), for the first time in recent months, some of the other major search engines actually gained market share.

PPC Traffic; International YouTube; Safer Results

SERoundtable looks at a WebmasterWorld thread to find out What Type of Traffic Can You Expect from Yahoo Ads Compared to Google Ads.

The Best of SMX

Don’t have time to read our extensive SMX Advanced coverage? We still want you to be able to get something out of the conference, so here’s the best of SMX Advanced, from tips to soundbites and everything in between.

Google vs. eBay: Round 6?

Here’s the blow-by-blow so far:

2006: eBay owns PayPal. Google starts Google Checkout (June 2006). eBay bans Google Checkout (July 2006).

New Google Toys

First, Google comes out about their video fingerprinting tool (we mentioned it earlier this week)

(via Barry Schwartz at SEL)

SMX: Pumping up Paid Search

Moderated by Jeffrey K. Rohrs, VP, Agency & Search Marketing, ExactTarget

SMX: Bid Management Debate

Moderated by Jeffrey K. Rohrs, VP, Agency & Search Marketing, ExactTarget

SMX: Satya Nadella Keynote Conversation

This session featured Satya Nadella, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Search & Advertising Platform Group, interviewed by Search Engine Land editor-in-chief Danny Sullivan about Nadella’s role and plans for Windows Live Search and Microsoft adCenter.

Google Video Privacy Problem

Loren Baker found a DigitalPoint thread exposing a potential security weakness in Google Video this week which could raise a legitimate privacy concern. Use the Google Video feature to “Post to my blog” and your password and login information are not protected. No https, no encryption, no SSL: they’re listed right in the headers.

7 New Languages for Flickr

It’s been five weeks since Yahoo shuttered Yahoo Photos in favor of Flickr. Tuesday, Flickr expanded into 7 new languages, with another possibly on the way.

Peter Cashmore acknowledges that the expansion has been a little slow in coming. There are now several non-English Flickr facsimiles which will compete with the new Flickrs. The real Flickr has 24 million users (!).

YouTube’s Solution Ready for Testing

Just one day after CNET reported on Hollywood’s frustration at YouTube’s copyright feet dragging, Google announces that they are ready to begin testing their video fingerprinting tool.

TimeWarner and Disney have signed on for the test, which they hope will help to identify copyrighted content and prevent illegal uploads of the content.

Hidden Text Okayed by Google

No, the headline isn’t a joke. Google okayed hidden text–in certain contexts, of course.

Remember a couple weeks ago when Search Engine Land was outed for spamming? Several readers, in an effort to be helpful (I’m sure), pointed out that this particular trick was the Fehrer Image Replacement technique.

SMX: Personalized Search – Fear or Not?

Despite the session’s title, the Q&A quickly devolved into less of a discussion of “Fear or Not” and more into “Why did you do this to us, Google?!” (Followed closely by the response, “You’re not normal. Er, a regular user.”)

Google Almost “Endemic Threat to Privacy”

Privacy International chose to label Google as with the worst privacy rating of any of the twenty-three companies they examined in their report on privacy for Internet service companies.

I think that at least some of the reasoning behind PI’s rating is found in their statement:


Ready to get more out of social media? The leaders in social media marketing dish on how to get in on the action–everything from why to where to how.

SMX: Matt Cutts You & A

Renowned Google Matt Cutts sat down with Danny Sullivan and the SMX Advanced attendees for a Q&A session.

Here are some of the highlights–and since it’s Friday afternoon, here’s a bit of a twist for you. (Don’t worry, unless you really like these, I’ll be putting the rest of my notes up in a more straightforward format in a little while.)

GoDaddy Gets RegisterFly Domains

GoDaddy will inherit some 850,000 of the domains originally registered by RegisterFly according to this week’s ICANN agreement. RegisterFly has been struggling for some time. Last month, a federal judge issued an injunction enabling ICANN to terminate RegisterFly’s accreditation. This came after many different problems and customer complaints, not the least of which were fraud accusations.

Working on Blog Stickiness

Still working on getting your blog readers to stick around? If you’re on WordPress, you’re in luck. Technosailor’s Aaron Brazell has compiled a list of plugins designed to help improve your blog’s stickiness. What do these plugins do?

Why You Don’t Need Web Analytics

How many saw that headline and heaved a sigh of relief? “Oh good,” you thought, “one less thing on my to do list.”

Web Analytics World has 21 reasons that you do not need web analytics. Any of these sound like you or your clients?

CNN Gets It (Streaming Video to be Free)

CNN has long held out with its paid video subscription model, especially for its streaming “Pipeline,” started in 2005 and priced at $25/year.

Making Your Blog Stickier

It’s been two weeks since we posted on improving your blog’s stickiness. Ready for the second dose?

Africa, Iraq, Cuba Safer than US for Sites?

Google launched its Online Security Blog this week. Their first post took a look at compromised websites and malware around the world.