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Jon Gales is a PHP consultant and internet publisher. He writes Macintosh slanted content for both MacMerc.com and MacDesignOnline.com. Jon publishes both MobileTracker.net and NewsIsCrappy.com.
The Best Parts of Panther

Now that a good bit of the Mac population has Panther, I thought it would be a good time to go over what I like most about the new OS. If you have a differing opinion, let me know.

Intro to Darwinism

No, this isn’t going to be a religious or scientific battle about the origin of our universe. It’s going to be a first look at Darwin, the underlying level of Mac OS X. Right now you are probably asking yourself why, how, or are confused as to what Darwin really is. I can give a you a great nutshell answer for each. Strap on your geek boots, here we go!

Hacking and Tech Mischief: Superior Ad Blocking on OS X
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I love surfing the web. I have DSL and I get pretty good download speeds (compared to 56K modems, insane download speeds). Even though I have a good connection, I still hate downloading obtrusive ads. You know those huge “skyscraper” ads, or those pesky Flash ads that seem to take forever to download?

Perl on your Mac

Perl (Practical Extraction and Report Language) is a predominately Unix driven program. There are interpreters for all the major (and minor) OS’s but to run them locally you have to have Unix, Linux, or Mac OS X. If you want to get the interpreter for Classic it is available for free at http://www.macperl.com. You can still follow what we will be doing, just ignore all the X mumbo jumbo.