About Jol Contreras

For nearly 19 years, Jol Contreras has been employed in the Information Technology area of a major financial pension firm. During this tenure he has played significant roles in possibly every area of the companys technological organization including Database Management System, Network Infrastructure, Project Management, Disaster Recovery, IT Customer Relationship Management, and Systems Programming. Although, he has been in management for over fourteen years, he has never lost the passion for playing with new technology. Jol has a BA in Computer Information Systems and a Master of Business Administration. He is planning to pursue a PHD in Computer Science. Jol can be reached at jc@loanhost4life.com
Keep Your SQL Servers Synchronized with SQL Compare and SQL Data Compare
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Managing multiple versions of the same database across different environments (i.e. Development, Test, Production, and Disaster Recovery site) is perhaps one of the most important and least favorable Database Administrative duties. Whether it’s synchronizing database objects or actual data, creating utilities to perform this obligatory task is somewhat of a dreaded chore. I mean, think of it, when was the last time you looked forward to creating one of these utility jobs? My point exactly!