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Bellsouth and Yahoo Riding Broadband Express

The broadband express is running from Atlanta to Sunnyvale via the internet railroad in a new strategic alliance announced on Monday. The plan will co-brand the two companies and allow the Yahoo train to run on Bellsouth DSL rails and give Bellsouth users the option to have the Yahoo platform to provide their service.

Gartner Says IT Orgs Changing, Disbanding

In a new study by research firm Gartner, IT organizations will be facing dramatic change in the coming years. By 2011, 75% or more will have a different role entirely , 10% will be gone and 10% more will relegated to commodity status.

Google Writes To Privacy

Google updated their privacy statement on Friday. Many have had privacy concerns for Google and other search engines for a while now. This is the latest effort by Google to get privacy concerns under control.

Battery Busters: HP & Apple Recalls

California computer manufacturers Hewlett-Packard and Apple issued recalls for lithium-ion batteries on certain notebook computers. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) issued the orders for both companies. Both companies’ batteries experienced the same problems, which is overheating and possible melting due to an internal short.

Apple, Samsung Fall Out Of Love

Everyone knows relationships are tough, especially when one of those partners runs into legal problems. This seems to be the issue with Samsung and Apple. After a flashy and memorable courtship, it looks like the two companies are out of sync.

Skype Feels Threatened By Microsoft, AOL, Yahoo

VoIP innovator Skype called out Microsoft, MSN and AOL as threats to their future, suggesting these companies all have real potential to do Skype harm. The VoIP company was recently purchased by eBay and has been attempting to make in-roads in to the U.S. market.

Adobe/Macromedia Clears Dept. Of Justice

Adobe announced on Thursday they got the nod from the U.S. Department of Justice for their acquisition of Macromedia. The deal’s not completely done because they await approval from some European jurisdictions but the companies expect the deal to close sometime in the fall.

Microsoft/Google Suit Update

Earlier today, U.S. District Court Judge Ronald Whyte issued a stay on the Google suit against Microsoft over the hiring of former Microsoft executive Dr. Kai Fu Lee. Whyte put the tentative decision on the web last night and met with Google and Microsoft today in court.

Yahoo/AOL Discussion Nothing New
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Reports are surfacing all over the place about Yahoo now wanting a piece of the AOL pie. AOL has been in negotiations with Microsoft for some time and recently, Google and Comcast a joint venture to go after a minority stake in AOL also. The real deal is that it’s all old news.

Microsoft Evangelizing

When most people think of an evangelical experience, Microsoft isn’t the first thing that springs to mind. Having grown up in the South, seeing a tent revival for Microsoft developers brings to mind some odd visions, but Microsoft is looking for just that. They posted a job listing on their site for a “Developer Evangelist” and it looks like it would be a decent gig for someone willing to trek out to Redmond.

Spielberg Playing Games With EA

Legendary directory Steven Spielberg and electronic gaming leviathan Electronic Arts announced a long-term agreement to collaborate on three new original franchise properties.

Miller Beer And Viral Marketing

Miller Beer launched a new game from their website promoting their Miller Lite label. The game site has been up since Monday and has had a fair amount of success. This works in conjunction with their new “Beer Runner” ad campaign.

MTV Adds iFilms

MTV picked up online movie house iFilm. The Viacom-own MTV paid a cool $49 million for the online portal for a variety of both audio and video content.

Searching For Plug-N-Pay In U.K.

The British firm, Cybernet Ventures Limited, launched their new Search Revenue UK pay per click (PPC) and affiliate program on Friday. It allows users to create co-branded search results to match their site design and pays 50% of the ad revenues earned.

Federal Court Reins In Googles Microsoft Suit

In the latest development in the Google/Microsoft/ Kai Fu Lee saga, U.S. District Judge Ronald Whyte issued a stay in Google’s suit against Redmond based Microsoft.

T-Mobile Gives Yahoo Mail Blackberry

The kids at T-Mobile and Research in Motion (RIM) got together today and unleashed their newest toy, the Blackberry 7105t. The new toy has “Blackberry Internet E-Mail,” which allows users to access they’re Yahoo! Mail from their Blackberry.

Microsoft Scores Big With Yahoo Chat

Microsoft and Yahoo broke new ground yesterday when they announced their respective instant messaging services would be compatible. The deal for interoperability shows a new and concerted effort by Microsoft to get along with its competitors.

Googley-Eyed For Phoenix

Google announced on Wednesday their new engineering office in Phoenix at a press conference with the governor of Arizona, Janet Napolitano from her office.

Problems With Blogs: Oklahomas Incident

Blogs can be great and wonderful things. They can get inside information and quality analysis out quickly, in many cases fast than any news agency. The problem with unrelenting speed is that sometimes, the information is wrong. The case in point is an apparent suicide at the University of Oklahoma and all the speculation surrounding it.

Bills Getting Paid Online

The percentages of electronic bill payment continue to increase. Forrester released numbers on Thursday showing 31% of online households paid bills online in 2004 and that number is expected to increase over the next few years.

Googles Blogger Going To China

Google finally got the Blogger through and now the Chinese will have access to Google’s Blogger. Chinese Googlites will also have access to the cached web pages from Google’s search engine.

Yahoo Closes Door On Pedophile Chat Rooms

Yahoo agreed today to finally slam the doors on chat rooms some claim promoted pedophile behavior. In conjunction with New York state attorney general Elliot Spitzer and Nebraska attorney general Jon Bruning, Yahoo removed and barred the posting of user-created chat rooms with names that promoted sex between minors and adults.

Microsoft Wants To Talk To Your Mom

The Xbox360 will be in store on November 22nd and Microsoft is looking at all the demographics. One group their aiming for is a bit non-traditional for the gaming market, women. This is part of Microsoft’s plan to make the Xbox360 a family affair.

Carving Up AOL?

Reports surfaced of Google and Comcast looking to buy a minority share in AOL. Both companies have been in negotiations separately, but it was reported today they are making a joint effort to get a small chunk of the company.