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Kaspersky Lab Takes Best VAR Software Solution

Internet security software company Kaspersky Lab announced they received the “Best VAR Software Solution” award at the IT ChannelVision Event and was a finalist for the “Best VAR Presentation” and “Best System Builder Channel Strategy.”

Googles Stock In The Stratosphere

So you think you’ve got a decent earnings report. You hit your predictions, you planned conservatively and you paid your stockholders. You saw a bit of a climb on the market and then you get sick. You just saw Google’s numbers. Whoa boy.

Suicide Girls Committed To iPod Video

iPod Video has caught the hearts and wallets of America but one concern was content. While Disney has provided a few bones in for download, edgy content is always appreciated. To that end, the Suicide Girls have created a stir.

AOL Scores With Disney In The Wardrobe

Movie mega mogul Walt Disney Studios and internet power portal AOL announced an exclusive content partnership for Disney’s upcoming film, “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe.”

Sony Declares Victory In DVD Wars

The mighty warrior Toshiba continues to wield its katana against overwhelming odds. The allies of Sony continue to gather strength even while Toshiba tries aggressive and risky maneuvers. Sony got in a nasty stab with the announcement of Warner’s support of both formats after having only supported Toshiba’s HD-DVD previously.

Office Depot Slaps Staples Over Google Ads

Earlier this month office supply giant Office Depot filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court in West Palm Beach, Florida, asking for an injunction against rival Staples over trademark infringement, unfair competition, false advertising and deceptive trade practices. All this stemmed from a Google key word ad.

Yahoo Drops $20

The kids at Yahoo Search Marketing dropped the $20 monthly minimum spending requirements. This was a good PR move for Yahoo and should help them pick up some smaller customers in the early stages of experimentation with the PPC program.

Searching For Words With Yahoo And Google

It’s 4 in the morning. You’ve been ought all night doing things you shouldn’t have and now you’re hungry. At that hour, choices are limited. You know that Waffle House is around here somewhere but which end of town is it on? Trying text searching (if you can still type) with Yahoo or Google. They will give you good directions.

AMD Rubbing Intel In Processor Race

The problem when you’re at the top is there’s only one place to go and computer chip leviathan Intel may be experiencing something akin to a descent, at least for now. Intel dominated the computer chip market for years but while their earnings were very good, they are losing their grasp to rival AMD for the moment and it’s not done yet.

Google Cranks Up 3Q Earnings 96%

The monster of Mountain View known as Google released their third quarter earnings on Thursday and, as consistent with the industry, reported record revenues. This time they hit $1.578 billion, a notch above Yahoo’s reports for the same quarter. This number is up 96% from a year ago and 14% from last quarter.

OpenOffice Out Of Beta

The open source revolution brought its guns around to bear on the Microsoft ship-of-the-line known as Office. Microsoft’s program is by far the market leader and users pay premium prices but OpenOffice will beat them on price points. It’s free and it’s ready to fight.

Former Intermix Chief Settles Up With Spitzer

Intermix founder and former CEO Brad Greenspan settled accounts with New York Attorney General (AG) Eliot Spitzer on Thursday. The fine came to $750,000 based on charges from Spitzer of distributing spyware and adware to millions of computer in New York and across the country.

I Want My MSN (SearchBlog Updated)

Most of the big search engines have an official blog. Google, Yahoo, MSN and Ask Jeeves (they’ve still got the butler) all have their blogs where post new and interesting information about the world from their search engine eyes. All post fairly regularly except one, MSN.

Pinging Around With Pingoat

For the 19 million blogs and the 70,000 blogs created every day, you might just need a ping. A new pinging service turned up and it’s got some great stuff. Pingoat pings quickly and thoroughly, allowing users to pick through a few dozen sites.

AOL Lays Off 750

America Online, better known as AOL, announced they would lay off about 750 employees. This comes as a response to declining subscriber levels from AOL’s dial-up access service.

Yahoo Flying High After Earnings Report

Yahoo released an awesome third quarter earnings report on Tuesday afternoon and investors took it to heart. Yahoo stock shot up to $35.88 a share, up $2.18 or 6.47% and down from the day’s high of $35.94.

Giving Up The Job For The Blog

How far would you go to protect the company you work for? Gauriv Sabnis went above and beyond the call of duty. A blog post of his made a customer of his employer, IBM, uncomfortable. They threatened retaliation against IBM. Even though no one asked Sabnis to leave the company, he did so to protect the image of IBM.

The Blogsphere Swells

Ever wonder how the “Big Bang” theory worked? Watch the blogosphere and you might be close. Technorati published their new state of the blogosphere numbers and it looks like blogs grow at about the same rate as the universe.

SBC & Lucent Working The IP

SBC and Lucent announced on Tuesday their new collaboration for an IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) platform. The plan for this system is to help SBC integrate wireline and wireless services for the next generation Internet-Protocol (IP)-based services including wireline and wireless voice, high-speed Internet access and video.

Yahoo Earnings Clobbered Predictions

Sunnyvale based Yahoo! Inc. issued their third quarter earnings and they clobbered predictions in the process. With revenues topping $1.33 billion, Yahoo produced another quarter of record earnings.

Cybermation Joins Microsofts Alliance

Cybermation announced on Tuesday they joined Microsoft’s hip Mainframe Migration Alliance. The wizards of Redmond created this exclusive group as an initiative aimed at helping enterprises move to their .NET platform.

Whereonearth Is Yahoo

Yahoo announced on Tuesday they’ve agreed to acquire local online search and advertising technology company, Whereonearth. In an effort to build and capitalize on the local market, believed to be the prime area of growth for internet advertising, Yahoo will add to their already sizeable venture.

Yahoo Jumps Before Earnings Report

Yahoo saw their stock rise on Tuesday in anticipation of their quarterly earnings report late this afternoon. The Sunnyvale, California Internet media company, traded on the NASDAQ, saw its shares climb to $34.76 in morning trades, up about 1.5%.

The Bite In Terabyte

The need for more storage is a necessity of life. Everyone always needs a bigger garage, a few more feet in the closet, or perhaps a few more cabinets in the kitchen. Computers are no different. As programs get bigger, more imagery is stored and people start saving episodes of “Desperate Housewives, terabytes will come and go before you know it.