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Can MSN Search Best Google?

Competition in the search engine world is fierce and none more fierce than the big three. Google rules the roost by far. There’s no question. MSN runs a distant third. One question floating around is what could MSN do to catch up or perhaps beat Google?

Political Blogs Picking Up Steam

Blogs have become quite the topic for debate in recent days for a number of reasons including credibility, integrity, quality and accuracy. Political blogs are tour de force for internet political circles and some new ones are showing up on the radar after working on the recent scandals in Washington D.C.

Searching For Halloween Excitement

In the spirit of the day, I’ve come across some websites providing some Halloween fun. Link to them and follow them where they may lead. We’ve even found a Halloween Search Engine

Steve Case Resigns From Time Warner Board

AOL co-founder and Time Warner board member Steve Case resigned from his position as a member of that board. He said he left to pursue his new company, Revolution LLC.

IBM Grabs Googles Toolbar

IBM announced on Friday it would be adding Google Desktop for Enterprise in the form of a plug-in for its enterprise search technology. This marks a major step for Google and Google’s quest to sit at the table with the adults.

Searching For Janet Jacksons Sunbathing Video

There are lots of things to search for on the net. Video is always a great choice because there’s all kinds of content, things you might never even expect. But then things that don’t surprise you creep up too. It looks like Janet Jackson’s got a new video making the rounds and you probably won’t see it on CBS.

Yahoo Video Search Feeds Media RSS

The Yahoo Search blog recently put up an entry on the availability of the video content for devices like the iPod video. Naturally, they discussed how to set up a Media RSS feed for video through Yahoo Video Search.

Schmidt Defends Google Print

Google is currently embroiled in a bitter battle with publishers over their Google Print entity. A lawsuit filed last week by the Author’s Guild and the Association of American Publishers (AAP) challenged Google over their Print plans. During a speech in Tokyo, Google CEO Eric Schmidt called the lawsuit a “routine part of doing business.”

Flickr Offers Photo Printing

Photo portal Flickr now offers printing services for the however many zillions of photos they have on their site. The service is available either through mail or for pickup at Target with one-hour printing.

Googles Rumor Mill

After visiting Google’s Search Blog this afternoon, one begins to understand how the rumor mill works. It would seem the all the hubbub surrounding the possibility (pretty much a sure thing) of the Google Base seems to be attracting a slight amount of attention.

Online Search To Hit $59.6 Billion in 2008

Research firm Outsell Inc forecasted an impressive $59.6 billion in revenue by 2008 for online search, aggregation and distribution. The report covers major search players including AOL, MSN, Yahoo and Google.

AOL Adds RSS Feeds To Video Search Engine

AOL announced on Wednesday they’re adding RSS feeds to their video search engine. Video from Blastro.com, EVTV1.com, Forbes.com, GameTrailers.com, PC World, Time4Media will show up and include Transworld Skateboarding, Transworld Snowboarding and Transworld Surf.

Microsoft Newly Certifiable

Microsoft announced on Tuesday the launch of a new three-tiered certification system that provides training and credentials. The new certifications for Technology Specialist, IT Professional and Certified Architect are updated to reflect the changing IT environment.

Ask Espana Out of Beta

The Spanish version of Ask (Jeeves), Ask Espana, is out of beta and ready to roll. The discussing was posted bilingually at the Ask blog site with a graphic of the part of the mural designed for the event.

Microsoft Loses 2 Executives In One Hit

The wizards of Redmond, Microsoft, will be losing two of their best and brightest in the next few days, Don Gagne, director of development for Microsoft Office and Hadi Partovi, general manager of the MSN portal. The two individuals were major contributors to Microsoft but unlike other previous Microsoft executives, these gentlemen are departing amicably.

MSN Says IM Ads Not Contextual

MSN, a division of software mogul Microsoft, recently attracted attention with their instant messaging service. Many users of said service claimed MSN was running contextual ads based on the content of the conversation but MSN has since claimed otherwise.

AOLs Sending AIM To College

America Online, better known as AOL started an AOL Instant Messenger (AIM) ad campaign designed to resonate with that most desirable of demographics, college kids. AOL, in its campaign to revitalize, has attempted to create both a top-notch portal environment but also to become one of those habits of life.

Yahoo Gaining In SEO In U.K.

London based ServiceWrap.net published new numbers suggesting portal powerhouse Yahoo is gaining ground in the perceived value of search engine rankings in specific search engine.

MySQL 5.0 Available For Production Use

MySQL AB announced the launch of MySQL 5.0 on Monday. The much-anticipated upgrade is available for download under the open source GPL license. The new version looks to be loaded with new features too.

Blogging The Day Away

Blogs as a medium proliferated the internet with great speed and continue to do so. Technorati puts the number of existing blogs some where around 19 million with a new blog being created every second. The big question is who actually reads all this stuff? Chances are, it’s your employees.

MSN Ads Know What Youre Talking About

It looks like Microsoft has taken contextual ads to the next level by inserting ads in your MSN instant messenger conversations based on the content of the conversation. The new beta of Messenger 8 includes linked ads in the conversation window.

MS Puts BI In Office

Microsoft announced on Sunday new plans to make business intelligence (BI) more mainstream and available to more people using the Office platform. Microsoft significantly increased and broadened its investment in BI.

Wanted: Gamer Geek And SEO Specialist

Want a really cool job? How about job that pays you for your knowledge of both the Internet and game consoles? IGN posted a lot of positions recently and one of those positions was for an SEO specialist for their products.

Google Tips The Scales

Market watchers continue to eye Google with interest after raising their estimates for the optimized search engine. Morgan Stanley did warn however the Google remains overweight despite their phenomenal third quarter earnings statement.