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Internet Popularity: What Are People Reading

When surfing the net for stories, you never know what’s going to grab the public’s curiosity. Some stories are a sure bet, but others, like say puggles, make you scratch your head bit.

Blogs, Judy Miller And News Media

The recent retirement of Judith Miller from the New York Times (NYT) has been part of a political scandal that’s gone past the two-year mark. While the scandal itself has dominated the headline during that time, one major part of the mix was blogs, at least in regards to Miller.

French Riots And Google Adwords

French Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy tried an interesting tactic to steer bloggers toward his site on the Internet regarding the two-week old riots in and around Paris. He bought adwords for suburbs and riots (banlieue, emeute) and tried to swing traffic his way.

Mr. Cerf Goes To Washington

Vint Cerf, co-creator of the Internet will be in Washington on Wednesday. He was asked to speak at a House Committee meeting but blew them off to go hang out at the White House. It’s something about some Presidential Medal of Freedom. Anyway, while’s he not going to talk to Congress, he did send them a letter and it’s posted on Google’s blog.

School Settles With Student Over Web Site

Kids are fighting authority and winning. In a recent case in New Jersey, a school district will pay out $117,500 to a student they punished for putting up his own website critical of the school district.

Is Old Media And Advertising Dead?

Henry Copeland of BlogAds seems to think so. He spoke at Ad:Tech on Monday and said the online advertising model is faster to change and gives advertisers more control and even better, it’s much less expensive in both money and resources.

Downloading Groksters Swan Song

Internet file sharing entity Grokster appears to have downloaded a dirge, as the company’s no longer offers software that allows people to swap files, in some cases copyrighted files, at no charge.

IBM Says Aperi To Move Industry To SMI-S

Back in October, IBM announced the launch of Aperi open source storage software in conjunction with eight other companies. Some discussion from IBM suggests one major reason for Aperi’s creation was to speed up adoption of the SMI-S storage software standard.

Teens Thoughts On Downloads

In case you’re awake at night wondering about the upcoming generation’s thoughts on things like music and movie downloads, get some sleep. According to the Pew Internet and American Life Project, teens not only download the movies and music at no charge, they don’t much care about copyright infringement and other pesky federal laws.

EA Recordings Distributing Digital Music

Electronic Arts and the Nettwerk Music announced a collaboration to distribute digital music. The new service will cover ringtones, mastertones and mp3s and will be distributed through iTunes, MSN, Yahoo Music, AOL Music, Rhapsody and others.

Libyan Blogger Jailed

Libya sent a political dissident blogger up the river for 18 months after criticizing the government on the Internet. The Human Rights Watch (HRW) reported this as they posted a letter from the blogger’s family requesting the release of the dissident.

Online Teens, Mainline Content Creators

Ever wonder what your teenagers are doing? How are they spending their time? There’s a legitimate chance they’re loading something online. According to the new Pew Internet and American Life Project study, 57% of online teens create content for the Internet. This means about 12 million kids, 12-17 or about half of all teens are content creators.

Democrats Apply Election Laws To Bloggers

Political bloggers beware. Democrats on Wednesday halted a bill designed to amend election laws to exempt bloggers from massive federal election regulations. The vote went pretty much down partisan lines with only 46 Democrat out of over 200 voting in favor of the bill.

Online Travel Industry Hits $104 Billion By 2010

JupiterResearch did some digging in the metrics for the online travel market in the U.S. and came up with some big numbers in the coming years. Their report entitled, “U.S. Travel Forecast, 2005 to 2010,” predicts $68 billion by the end of 2005 and $104 billion by 2010.

Amazons Own Digital Book Program

Digital book programs seem to be all the rage since a particularly large search engine company decided to put most all books online. Online retailer Amazon decided to offer an alternative to publishers that should sit well with them. They will SELL digital books.

AJDS Upgrades

Search engine Ask Jeeves released the latest cog in their search engine wheel, the desktop search tool updates. After thorough polishing the butler felt like it was time to get some more shine out of tool. He’s added a number of new features that should make the AJDS more workable.

Blogging Apple

A new blog kicked off yesterday about the all things Apple. The blog over at the brilliant BusinessWeek called “Byte of the Apple” will be written by Peter Burrows, Arik Hesseldahl and Cliff Edwards. It should provide some interesting insight into the world of Apple.

Inside AdSenses Black Box

An interesting line of conversation has been circulating around the blogosphere for the last few days. The conversation has to do with AdSense and how one poorly performing site can bring down the price paid per click down on all of them in a single company’s sites.

Yahoo Updates Their Index

Yahoo announced last night on the search blog a minor update in the ranking of their index. This means some may want to check out their Yahoo results to see if they need to make any modifications in their search tactics.

AtomShockwave Adds AddictingGames.Com

AtomShockwave, the combined entity of Atom Films and Shockwave announced on Tuesday the acquisition of AddictingGames. AddictingGames serves as a directory for casual games. This acquisition will create the largest privately owned entertainment company on the web.

Googling TV Ads

Google redefined the advertising business. They’ve had a prolific impact on both the Internet and the advertising world. They remodeled the look of ads and in just a few short years Google is on track to become the fourth largest ad seller behind Viacom, News Corp. and Disney. Is Google heading for TV too?

Subaru Launches Online Game

Auto manufacturer Subaru launched an online game competition, the “Shakedown: Subaru Impreza Challenge” at the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show on Tuesday. This game is to showcase the 2006 makeover for Subaru’s Impreza.

Forecasts of $26 Billion in 2005 Holiday Sales

JupiterResearch released their projections for the coming holiday season and they look promising. The report, “Holiday 2005 Forecast: Addressing The Impact of Macro-Economic Factors on Holiday Online Retail Sales,” examines not only promised higher percentages of sales but also some problems for the coming holiday season.

Microsoft Sees Super Duty

The age of the high-tech redneck is at hand. The Ford Motor Company plans to offer wireless mobile offices in F-series trucks as an option for people who do business on the road. The office will come equipped with a mobile computer running Windows XP and will include a version of Microsoft Office.