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Technorati Turns 3

Blog search engine Technorati turned three this week. They’ve had an interesting history and they’re now tracking upwards of 22 million blogs covering just about every feasible topic that comes to mind and a few that probably don’t.

Icahn Hires Lazard To Look Over Time Warner

Carl Icahn’s Icahn Group announced they hired the Lazard financial advisory firm to review Time Warner and to analyze alternatives to “maximize the value” of Time Warner stock. This is just the latest shot in an ongoing battle between Icahn and the Time Warner board of directors.

eBays Day In Court

The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) has agreed to hear eBay’s appeal of an appellate court ruling. The decision is the latest in a drawn out patent infringement suit in which online auction house eBay may get the short end of the stick.

Saddam Husseins Uniform Up For Auction

You just never know what’s going to fetch a high price on the Internet. Online auction house Manion has come up with one of Saddam Hussein’s daily dress uniforms. The uniform is being displayed with photos, a description and current bids.

Man Charged With Posting Fake Story On Yahoo

Japanese police arrested 30-year-old Takahiro Yamamoto, charging violations of patent laws. Yamamoto is accused with posting a false story on the Yahoo Japan news site claiming china had invaded the Japanese island of Okinawa.

The Day After Thanksgiving Online

The day after Thanksgiving has long been known as the single busiest shopping day of the year for retailers. Online retailers decided to be a bit different. They’re aiming for “Cyber Monday” (cue tympanis). As “Also Sprach Zarathustra” kicks in, online retailers are looking to build on the uptick they’ve seen in recent years for the Monday after Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving On The Net

One of the biggest times of the year for just about anyone with something to sell is the holidays. Companies on the Internet are no different. There are tons of sites with the history of Thanksgiving, recipes, craft ideas and tons of other stuff. Some sites are better than others. I’ve included a few here that I like.

Secretsanta.com Is Coming To Town

So it’s the day before Thanksgiving. Most people are dreaming of indulging in tryptofanic substances and watching games on the gridiron. Then on Friday, it’s off to shop like the world is ending on Saturday. Interesting stories do creep up though, like the little burg of Secretsanta.com for instance.

Worm Sobers Up FBI, CIA

The ever-popular Sober worm is making the rounds again in a new and exciting format. The ugly little worm is circulating through email and it looks all nice and official because someone is receiving email from either the FBI or the CIA. Many may ask what they’ve done wrong to warrant attention from the FBI or CIA. Nothing much really you just happen to have an email account.

X Marks The Vice President In The Blogosphere

CNN offered an apology on Tuesday after an apparent technical glitch put a big black “X” over the face of Vice President Dick Cheney. The mishap only lasted a fraction of a second but leave it to the blogosphere to turn it into a major diatribe.

World of Warcraft And World Of Lawsuit
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Chinese parents, claiming the game led to the death of their 13-year-old son, are suing Blizzard Entertainment, makers of the game “World of Warcraft.” They claim the boy was re-enacting a stunt from the game and fell from a 24-story building .

Technorati Moves Into the Fast Lane

Like a hot car, speed and performance are a standard many businesses shoot for, especially when the business is competitive. Back in July, David Sifry, CEO at Technorati, had his folks start working under the hood. The results are becoming apparent as his crew begins to turn up the idle and rev the engine.

83% of Shoppers Online Says Yahoo

According to a new poll released by Yahoo! Small Business and Harris Interactive, 83% of holiday shopping this year will be done online. This reiterates research from other firms done earlier that this year’s holiday season will be strong on the Internet for a number of reasons.

Google Headin to North Carolina?

Some reports are surfacing in the blogsphere of Google opening up an office in North Carolina. Andy Beal cites Jason Caplain’s blog, Southeast VC, suggesting Google might be headed to Research Triangle Park (RTP), NC.

Capt. Kirk Beams Kidney Stone To eBay

Emmy-winning actor and science fiction legend William Shatner plans on beaming a rather rare rock on to eBay. Shatner recently passed a kidney stone, hopes to recover it from his doctors and sell it on eBay as the ultimate piece of Star Trek memorabilia. The sad thing is some goob will pay it.

Bloggers Bustin Sony

At this point, many who follow news in the Internet community know of Sony BMG’s desperate maneuvers and unethical tactics to protect their copyrighted material. The largest forces against Sony were bloggers. The bloggers waged an assault against Sony and now Sony has relented somewhat and recalled those CDs.

Yahoo And Human Knowledge

WebProNews’ publisher, Rich Ord, continued his PubCon crawl by attending the Search Engine Smackdown session. The session included a bit of smack talk but was more informative than anything else. One speaker, Tim Mayer of Yahoo provided a glimpse into the mind of Yahoo search for today and the future.

Cogents Major Internet Backup

Reports are coming of a serious Internet disruption along the eastern half the United States. Cogent, which owns and controls one of the cornerstone Internet networks reported its fiber network was cut in two separate locations.

Google Heads South Of The Border

The kids in Mountain View announced on Thursday international expansion as they opened two new offices, one in Mexico City, Mexico and the other in Sao Paulo, Brazil. This move will give Google a presence to advance in the advertising markets in the respective countries.

Search Engine Copywriting At PubCon

Lots of great information floats around at conferences, particularly good ones like PubCon. Our editor, Mike McDonald, attended the seminar on writing copy for search engines and picked up some great tips to pass along in order to help get the most out of copy when building your Internet strategy.

OSM Launches

Open Source Media (OSM) launched their new web portal for bringing together online writers, journalists and commenters under their umbrella. The debut happened today and they are loaded with celebrity pundits from across the board.

Jarboe & Zawodny/RSS & Podcasting

Our publisher and CEO, Rich Ord, is spending quality time at the tables in Vegas, but he’s nowhere near the casinos. He’s listening to industry gurus Greg Jarboe and Jeremy Zawodny talk about making the most out of RSS and podcasts.

Time Adds Andrew Sullivans Daily Dish

Hot political blogger Andrew Sullivan is moving his Daily Dish to Time Magazine’s web site. Time magazine is aiming to get into the blogosphere and they see Andrew Sullivan as the way to do it.

Upping Your Budget

Budget Rent-A-Car has an interesting viral marketing campaign going on right now. It’s called “Up Your Budget” and the prize is a hefty $10,000. The deal is it isn’t just one prize, there’re many and people are treasure hunting for clues all over the country.