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National Instruments Extends Linux Support

National Instruments announced last week the release of its newest line of virtual instrumentation tools for Linux OS, including the NI-DAQmx 8 driver software and new instrument drivers for modular instruments.

Bill And Melinda Gates Open More Windows

Normally, the articles for this are about trends and technologies in Windows. This story will be a bit more about Bill Gates, founder and chief software architect of Microsoft. Something Bill Gates and his wife Melinda are becoming more known for though is the charitable work of their foundation. Time magazine made them their “Person of the Year.”

Everyones Search For Britney Spears

Yahoo released their top searches for 2005 and for the third time in the last four years, Britney Spears tops the list. This ranking comes despite the fact she’s not released any new material in the last year. The real hit for her search ranking happened when her child was born back in September with her husband, Kevin Federline.

Apache Added to Java Enterprise

On Tuesday, Menlo Park-based Sun announced they would bundle the Apache Derby embedded database into their Java Enterprise System. They’re also including an additional plug-in for support called NetBeans IDE 5.0.

Google Can Name That Tune

The newest aspect of Google’s massive searching entity has launched and it’s a music search. Basically, the jist is they’ve added more details for music-oriented searches. While the search right now is somewhat limited, they do plan on expanding the listings.

Howard Stern And Yahoo, Sirius

Internet portal powerhouse Yahoo announced on Wednesday exclusive, Internet video coverage and an audio webcast of the party celebrating Stern’s moving to Sirius satellite radio.

Oh My! The Webs Alive

The Syndicate Conference is going on this week in San Francisco and WebProNews publisher Rich Ord flew out to see what the all the fuss is about. He sat in on the first session by the original Technorati, David Sifry, who tells us what makes the Live Web special.

The Newest RSS Reader

So you’re wondering what to get the information supageek who needs something else? Perhaps you’re the one who can never get enough information? Can’t do without the news for even one moment? Boy is there a gift for you. It’s a new form of RSS reader. It’s called the RSSTroom Reader.

MSNBC Advertising Porn Valley On Blogs

Nothing catches the eyes like the neon pink silhouette of a nude female, especially when run in high traffic media sites. MSNBC knows this and that’s just what they’ve done. An upcoming story from MSNBC has grabbed the attention of many because it’s showing up on about 800 blogs.

Oracle Wants Smackdown On Salesforce

A couple of months ago, Oracle added Siebel to the fold and in the process began their squeeze of rivals like Saleforce.com. At this point, Oracle said they have no plans to buy Salesforce. Instead Oracle plans to rub out the CRM.

Double Digit Growth in Storage Software

IDG announced in a statement on Monday the worldwide storage software market grew 10% over the year to $2.1 billion dollars in the third quarter of 2005, marking eight consecutive quarters of double-digit growth.

Del.icio.us Got Yahooed

After much speculation and rumor, it appears the Sunnyvale portal powerhouse called Yahoo is becoming even more trendy and purchasing Del.icio.us. The announcement showed up on the del.icio.us blog earlier today.

Radical Changes in Spatial Info Management

IDC published a new study suggesting the spatial information management (SIM) industry has been dramatically altered in the last 18 mos. involving fundamental shifts in platforms, vendors and users.

Finding Your SEM Niche

Ecommerce on the Internet continues to expand exponentially. The big question is always how to mark your piece of that huge pie. As a marketer, the trick is finding things to set you apart and a large part of that is finding and developing a niche. WebProNews publisher Rich Ord listened to some masters impart their wisdom on just this very topic.

Oracle, Innobase and MySQL

One of the biggest events in the database industry in recent weeks has certainly been Oracle’s purchase of the Finnish company Innobase. After six weeks other have been seriously considering their options, including the open-source database, MySQL.

Basics Of Site Architecture

The week chugs on at the SES: Chicago and WebProNews’ own Chris Richardson picked up on some excellent comments from all the speakers in one of the final sessions from Tuesday, focusing on “Successful Site Architecture” and how to utilize architecture to get the best advantage for search engines.

Korean FTC Gives Microsoft Smackdown

The South Korean Fair Trade Commission (SKFTC) issued their judgment against Microsoft claiming the Redmond company violated South Korean antitrust laws. The penalty includes a $32 million fine as well as an order for Microsoft to offer alternative compliant versions of the Windows operating system.

Internet Video And New Ad Audiences

Advertisers are always looking for ways to expand their grasp. One venue now coming into its own is Internet video. The content offerings are starting to grow dramatically from a variety of places. Internet video could very well be the place to bring all the ad techniques for the Internet together in one great package.

B2B Bullseye

The SES: Chicago conference rolls in through its second day and continues to be a real learning experience. WebProNews publisher Rich Ord sat in on the “Targeting B2B” session and found a lot of useful information. The session centered on relationship building as the primary focus for B2B marketing.

Online Retailers Ready Shoppers For Holidays

Holiday shopping this year looks to be going better than ever according to metrics released by Nielsen/NetRatings. Their eShopping Index saw a 29% increase from home on the day after Thanksgiving, garnering 17.2 million users over 100 online retailers.

Keep Your Rep On The Net

Anyone who follows the buzz on the Internet knows bloggers can get real nasty real quick. They quickly attack groups, businesses, etc. with blinding speed and sometime with blinding inaccuracy. At the first day of the SES, Jason Lee Miller sat in on one session covering reputation monitoring and management.

Self-Healing With IBM

International Business Machines (IBM) announced today a new line of software products they bill as “self-healing.” The software finds and fixes problems before they slow down an online business and prevent IT systems from freezing.

How Much For the Bloggy In The Window?

Sell your blog? Not in a million years. You’re offering how much? Ah well that’s a different story then. I think maybe we could negotiate this deal. Blogs are starting to make big money for some folks with some impressive paydays. Recent buzz has been considering blog “exit strategies.” Do you have one?

Blogged! Googled! Busted!

The problem with blogs is anyone can read them and they do. The recent adventures of an Iranian man who became a Canadian citizen on the U.S./Canadian border were all based on his blog. Customs found out about him, googled him and found his blog.