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Monitoring The Blogosphere Costs Big $$$

Recently, a small company called Umbria Market Research got a profile in Forbes Small Business. Their service Buzz Reports was the focus. Buzz Reports is a blogosphere monitoring service costing upwards of $60,000 or more a year. And they maintain they’re the cheap ones.

Yahoos Double Standard: France Vs. China

Yahoo has a double standard. A federal appeals court dismissed a lawsuit by the Sunnyvale portal powerhouse, filed to try and keep a Paris court from enforcing a $15 million fine for displaying Nazi memorabilia for sale on Yahoo’s auction site. This is a violation of French law and shows a different game than Yahoo dealing with China.

Congressman Aims At Chinese Net Censorship

Representative Christopher H. Smith (R-NJ) takes aim at Internet companies doing business and China. He plans to hold hearings as chairman of the House Subcommittee on human rights next month based on reports U.S. Internet companies, including Yahoo and Microsoft, help China to suppress free speech.

Microsoft Adjusts Software Support Cycle

The end of the Microsoft Support Lifecycle will change to coincide with the “Patch Tuesday” security bulletin release cycle instead of coming before. Exchange Server 5.5 will be the first to benefit from this.

Red Hat Contracts Mono

The kids at Red Hat need to be checked out for Mono because it looks like they’ve accepted their software infrastructure into the Fedora project. This deal is significant because Mono does business with enemies of Red Hat including Novell and Microsoft.

Performance Issues For WMF

Microsoft recently faced a tough challenge, dealing with the “zero-day” exploit. This past week they released a fix early instead of on the standard patch Tuesday in order to alleviate the fears of users around the world. Over the weekend, another problem with the WMF turned up.

Bill Clinton Spends Time in Redmond?

Rumors are always abound all over the place. It could be your cousin is seeing someone a little older than they should be. Maybe your brother got a speeding ticket no one was supposed to know about. Or perhaps a former president of the United States might be considering a job at the top of a tech company.

Battlestar Galactica On The Net

For many science fiction fans, the show Battlestar Galactica on the SciFi Channel was a great thing indeed. One thing about creative team involved on the show, they’ve embraced the Internet and it’s many wonders on the net.

Problems of Internet Social Communities

Probably the hottest thing on the Internet right now, that drives ad revenues and many other things floating around the web, are the social communities. These communities, descended from the chat rooms, continue to culminate in Flickr groups and MySpace groups. But with all this warmth, love and friendship, is there a dark side?

Get DirectTV In Xbox 360

Just like any other big tech convention, cool announcements always float out that make everyone giddy like children and this is no exception. DirectTV announced they would be pairing up with software goliath Microsoft to put the digital television service in the Xbox 360.

WIN With Linux Software Development Program

WIN Enterprises, a company specializing in embedded controllers and platforms for OEMS, announced their development of a Linux software development program that includes a software development kit for its OEM customers.

Metcalfe Calls Linux 25-Year-Old Clunker

Some may not know who Dr. Bob Metcalfe is but chances are they’re working with something he created, namely the Ethernet. He’s got a few ideas on where things are headed and he sees video as prime player. He went on to say our current operating systems are out of date, calling Windows and Linux clunkers.

IT Development Means .NET Development

QA, Training Company of the Year 2005, predicts that .NET development will be a top priority for IT departments in 2006, following its annual customer survey. Training decision-makers were asked to select five technology areas that would be of importance to their organization in the next twelve months and .NET development was a run-away leader with over a third of the organizations rating it as one of their top priorities.

Apples iPod Year And Other Groovy Stuff

A number of tech companies have had big years but none may have had a bigger year than Apple. Apple has become of a part of the zeitgeist as much as pop stars and famous actors. It’s all because of a little handheld music player called the iPod.

Steve Rubel Hacks Google Book Search?

Steve Rubel, best known for his blogs on integrating technology into public relations, may have stumbled upon something interesting. In a recent blog post by Rubel, he claims to be on to something.

Spitzer Going After Music Business

New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer is going after the music industry and subpoenas have been filed in relation to an ongoing antitrust investigation into the pricing of music downloads.

NORAD Tracks Movement Near North Pole

With Christmas Eve just hours away, the North American Aerospace Defense Command, better known as NORAD, continues preparations for tracking that jolliest of elves, Santa Claus. A test conducted on November 27th tracked Mr. Kringle from the North Pole to Hollywood, California for the annual Hollywood Christmas Parade.

What Jeeves Was Searching For

The folks at Ask Jeeves released their top searches list and it was a list of usual suspects. They broke the list down into top news stories, top celebrity searches, top pictures, top health, top entertainment and top sports. Unfortunately, my name didn’t appear anywhere in the listagain.

Follow Santa’s Trip Via Email

Nothing generates greater paranoia in small children than the notion of sleek little elves watching their every movement, monitoring all their behavior and determining whether that child has been naughty or nice. Perhaps now, at least for a little while, the tables are turned. This year, MindComet has secured OfficialSantaEmail.com.

Microsoft Vs. EU: Show Me The Money

Microsoft must open up its code or face a 2 million ($2.4 million) a day in fines from the European Commission. The feud over this has been brewing for some time and it seems to be coming to a head. They’ve given Microsoft five weeks to comply.

Jews For Jesus Go After Google

A Christian evangelical group known as Jews For Jesus filed suit against Google in federal district court claiming a blog hosted through Blogspot (a Google property) infringes on the group’s trademark.

Yahoo Stream Millions For Howard Stern

Yahoo released the metrics for the Howard Stern celebration and the number came to over 4.4 million streams of live video on December 16th. Additionally, more than 214,000 watched the activities after his final day on terrestrial radio. This is the largest live entertainment webcast.

Holiday Text Messaging

Recently, a division of AOL, Tegic Communications conducted a survey regarding text messaging holiday greetings. The information suggests that many would be willing or are planning to text message their holiday greetings.

World Of Warcraft Cracks 5 Million

Blizzard Entertainment, creators of some of the most popular games ever to hit the computer, announced on Monday their “World of Warcraft” game hit 5 million players worldwide. The top-selling, subscription-based massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) took off a year ago and has been incredibly successful.