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Openwave And Sun Microsystems Work On Mobile Content

Openwave announced they’re working with Sun Microsystems in a plan to develop new content for mobile phones. The plan will integrate Openwave’s XML-based MIDAS with sun’s Java ME and will provide standards-based tools and environments to create and deliver that content.

Suns Irritated the StorageTek VARs

Sun Microsystems is shuffling around some things around the StorageTek division by switching from Bell Microproducts to Arrow Electronics’ MOCA division to move its product.

Samsungs New Mobile Phone Storage: Cornice

Longmont, Colorado-based Cornice Inc. announced in January a new deal inked with Samsung for their 3 gigabyte Storage Element (SE) in the production of Samsung’s SGH-i300 embedded music smartphone.

Forum Nokia And Adobe On Mobile Flash Development

Finnish based Nokia announced on Thursday the creation of Forum Nokia PRO: Flash Zone. It’s a support program put together between Nokia and Adobe with the intention of helping Forum Nokia PRO companies to develop Macromedia Flash applications for devices deployed by wireless operators.

Flex 2.0 Beta Open To Developers

Adobe Systems released their Flex 2.0 Beta to developers to play with last week. The aim is to improve the offerings for developers to generate rich Internet applications. This combined with the Flash Player 8.5 release, they say the products will allow businesses to engage users more effectively and increase productivity while delivering stronger business results.

Novell Develops Linux Graphics, Video

Novell announced on Tuesday significant enhancements to the Xgl (X over OpenGL) graphics subsystem. Xgl is new core rendering technology for the Linux desktop that takes advantage of widely available accelerated 3D rendering hardware.

SAPs Hosted CRM Product

SAP AG announced on Friday an expansion of its mySAP Customer Relationship Management (mySAP CRM) solution to include an on-demand option. The SAP CRM on-demand solution is designed for large and midsize organizations to manage sales, service and marketing in an easy-to-use solution delivered directly via the Internet, offered through a subscription-based licensing model.

Microsoft Increases Computer Training Funding

The “Wizard of Redmond” better known as Bill Gates announced this week Microsoft would increase funding for its Unlimited Potential (UP) program while delivering the keynote address at the Microsoft Government Leaders Forum Europe in Lisbon, Portugal.

Tech Companies Heed Bushs Call For Competitiveness

In the President Bush’s state of the union speech, he called for an “American Competitiveness Initiative” and the tech industry likes what they heard.

Tablet PCs for American Airlines

American Airlines announced they would be adding tablet PCs in a technology agreement with Lenovo. The agreement allows Lenovo to provide tablets in Admirals Club lounges as an added service for business travelers.

IBMs iSeries Resellers: Overhauling The Rules

IBM put forth new terms and conditions regarding its iSeries resellers in an effort to bolster that avenue of VAR in what many suggest may be a plan for future channel programs.

Nokia Holding WiMax Til 2008

Cell phone phenom Nokia said they’re going to wait and see what happens with the mobile WiMax market before they take the big leap. They are planning their release for 2008 giving time for the market to be established.

Forbes Continues Its Blog Credibility Issues
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Forbes magazine has long been seen as a major player in covering the world of business and finance. Their reporting is generally credible with excellent insight. Blogging as a communications tool continues to grow in the business world but for some reason, Forbes just can’t seem to get it right.

Google Testifying To Congress Over China

It looks like Google’s on its way to Washington and I don’t mean Redmond either. Representative Chris Smith (R-NJ), chairman of the International Operations and Human Rights Subcommittee, plans to convene hearings on February 13th as part of an investigation into Chinese business dealings.

ColdFusion A Jolt Award Finalist

ColdFusion MX7 got a nice boost earlier on Tuesday when Software Development magazine announced the finalists for their Jolt Product Excellence and Productivity Awards. The Adobe owned software was one of seven finalists in the Web Development Tools category.

Blue Frogs, Spam and Email

The folks over at Blue Security launched a new version of their Blue Frog software for users of Google’s Gmail, MSN’s HotMail and YahooMail. The software aims for users of Mozilla Firefox and automatically reports spam from the user’s email account. It’s also got an download for Thunderbird.

SQL Injection Vulnerability

A vulnerability was discovered in the ADOdb and can be exploited by hackers doing SQL injection attacks. The vulnerability only works on the PostgreSQL users. Andy Staudacher discovered the vulnerability and Secunia reported the issue as moderately critical on Tuesday.

Upcoming Vista And IE 7 On The Net

With the release of the newest version of Windows, Vista, coming very soon, Microsoft has been talking a lot about the new operating system. In the midst of all this discussion though, a key part of it, Internet Explorer 7 (IE7), currently in an internal beta format, surfaced on the net. Yet again, Microsoft seems to be exposed.

Google Gains On Baidu In China

A new study just released monitoring the search engine business in China showed some interesting results regarding Baidu, Google and other search engines. The study asserts Google is in a strong position to challenge Baidu in the Chinese search engine market.

Motorola Plugs Into Linux Developer

Motorola announced plans to add Kreatel Communications to their mix. The Swedish company develops IPTV-based digital set-top boxes that utilize Linux. This move by Motorola will keep them competitive as the IPTV market continues to take off.

$4.7 Billion Spent For Search Engine Placement

The Center For Media Research (CMR) reported on the study and projects even more will be spent in North American, hitting $11 billion by 2010. These totals including payments to search engines and search-related media companies, search engine marketing agencies and in-house expenditures in support of those programs. The programs they included covered search engine optimization, organic search engine optimization, and search engine market technology platforms.

MySQL Network For SCO OpenServer 6

The SCO Group announced availability of the MySQL Network for SCO OpenServer 6 at the National Retail Federation Show on Monday. This will allow their customers and channel partners to benefit from high performance, low-cost, easy-to-manage solutions platform.

Seagate Ships Vertical Hard Drives…

Scotts Valley, California-based Seagate Technology shipped their latest tiny, high-powered offering in the form of the Momentus. The new drive touts Seagate’s perpendicular recording system. This takes the notebook drive capacity to 160 gigabytes, up from the 120 gigs.

Loomia Searches For your Podcasts

A new search engine, Loomia, comes into view on the horizon. Loomia, launched last June is a search engine designed for podcasts of all sorts. The site is laid out well and is a good place for those new to podcasting to go visit and learn about the new medium. The newest feature they’ve added is a recommendations section.