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Google TV and Everybody Hates Chris

One of the most anticipated sitcoms of the new television season is “Everybody Hates Chris” from UPN and is based on the life and times of comedian Chris Rock. The big sell for the ecommerce world is Google running the premiere episode from its video website.

Search Marketing Showing Signs of Growth

Marketing research firm, MarketingSherpa release the results of the online advertising study last week. There’s plenty of good news for search engine advertisers and marketers because the survey shows substantial growth in the industry.

Searching For PR On Blogs

The blog is fast becoming one of the PR tools of choice for many companies, not the least of which are the search engine entities. They use them for all types of information distribution, some of which are traditionally released to the media via a news release.

Insight Into Chinese Internet

The battle for the internet in the coming years will be in China. With nearly 100 million users already and showing nothing by growth, many companies with business on the net are building models for China. In a recent interview, Mary Meeker of Morgan Stanley provided some insight into where that market is going.

Screening Air Travelers Via Commercial Databases Dropped

The Transportation Security Administration said they plan to have their computerized passenger screening program ready later this year but it won’t include the hot-button, commercially-maintained databases, so denigrated by privacy groups.

Microsoft Versus Google: Drawing The Lines

The battlefield looks to be set. The young, vigorous commander has come to the field of battle and he’s playing to win. He’s strong, he’s clever and he’s brilliant. He’s also hired brilliant mercenaries, both old and young, to strengthen his fortifications and construct new weapons. He’s red hot and he’s ready to fight but he might be just a bit nave.

AtomFilms Looking To Be Searched: AOL, Singingfish and Blinkx

AtomFilms jumped off the deep end and into the search engine oceans, signing a deal with SingingFish, AOL and Blinkx to distribute their short films. This will unload a few million viewers on AtomFilms’ bandwagon with each company promoting the content for viewing.

SEM Test: Can You Pass The Exam?

So you think you know a little about search engine marketing? Prove it. How do you prove it? Well you take a test. It’s not a tough test, just 44 questions. Think you can ace it? Give it a whirl.

Picasa Babe?

Google launched the Picasa product in Europe on Friday. Picasa, a photo management software tool allows users to modify, label and arrange photos for email, printing or ordering of prints. Oh, forgot to mentions something about searching for your photos too but why that’s relevant to Google I’m not sure.

Time Warner Trying To Rebuild AOL

Much speculation circulated the tech industry recently after the reports surface of discussions between Time Warner and Microsoft over the future of AOL. Anxiety continues to build in Time Warner stockholder as CEO Richard Parsons tries to steer the multimedia corporation back to higher stock prices.

SEO With Yahoo: Buy One of Their Overture Ads?

The number two search engine may be giving its Yahoo Search Marketing advertisers a little Slurp love in the form of a kick up in their ratings according to some reports.

On-Demand Storage At MCI

MCI launched a new service last week aimed at enterprise customers in the form of storage on-demand. The new service, called Utility Storage Service, is designed for enterprise customers who need flexibility in their utility storage.

Blogging On Google Alerts Not Crawling For Blogs

Many people get Google news alerts. They’re pretty simple. You pick your topic, say the timely subject of hurricanes. When hurricane stories appear, you get an email. You can pick the frequency upon which they appear and whether or not the alert scoura just the news or the entire web.

Handbook For Subversive, Dissident Blogging

Reporters Without Borders, in their attempts to promote free speech and discussion of and exchange of ideas, recently published a downloadable handbook on blogging called “Handbook for Bloggers and Cyber-Dissidents” It’s for folks who want to discuss issues but, based on the rules in their homelands, can’t discuss things openly.

Google Enterprise Professionals And You

Google discussed on their blog this morning a training program for their “Google Search Appliance.” The program is aimed at helping enterprise customers get the most out of Google’s enterprise tools. The Google Enterprise Professional program is intended to make customers more knowledgeable and familiar with their product.

Cutts Comments On Reinclusion Requests

One of the great fears in the search engine marketing world remains getting dropped by the big search engines. Many online businesses live and die by their Google page ranks as well as how they rate in organic searches. Sometimes Google drops the bomb and you’re done for, aren’t you? Your page rank drops, your page listings disappear and you sweat. Maybe you should try reinclusion.

Break It Down: Search Engine Crawlers

How do they find those wonderful sites? A question many interested in the internet search world often ponder is also answered fairly easy. It’s all in the way they crawl.

Dual Layer HD DVD-R: The Next Notch In DVD Wars

The war rages on for high definition DVD format supremacy. Both Toshiba and Sony continue to hype their products and push to be the universal standard. It remains unclear who will end up with the crown, however, Toshiba managed to beat its chest today with the reconfirmation of its recordable HD DVD.

EnterpriseDB Looking Into Mouth of Mac Tiger

Enterprise database company Enterprise DB announced the release of the Enterprise DB 2005 for the Mac OS X “Tiger” Server 10.4. The database system is built on PostgreSQL, an open source database and attempts to enhance it and runs a number of Oracle applications unmodified.

Going Yahoo Over Quick Links

Quick and easy seems to be the aim of Yahoo these days as they continue to put out product for search that shortens a user’s time. Last week, they put out “Instant Search” that starts searching when you start typing. Now they’ve got their Quick Links to make things go even faster.

eBay, We Have A Problem

Online auction house eBay experienced some technical difficulties in the first half of the week. Problem in the My eBay Selling Manager and the Selling Manager Pro continued to resurface even after adjusting the problems.

Windows Sends Out Monad For Beta 2

Software monstrosity Microsoft launched the second beta of their Monad shell for both the x86 and x64. The new technology of the Monad shell allows the administrators to better handle automation and control system management tasks for desktops and servers.

Google Embedded Searches Raise Questions

About a month ago, stories were floating around of UI tests over at the Googleplex. The information showed up on a number of blogs and forums. One of those tests involved embedded results in SERPs.

IT Spending Heading Up

Forrester Researchpublished a recent study in which they surveyed nearly 1000 IT executives. Their research concluded that IT execs will spend 4.3% more in the coming year. 53% of those surveyed expect an increase in IT budgets and 7% see a decrease.