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Another Firing Over Blogging Bad About Employer

A marketing and public relations professional working for New York real estate firm Dwelling Quest was fired, according to her, for speaking ill of her firm on her blog. She also claims the company has filed a lawsuit against her.

MSN Adds Search Plugins For Firefox
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Microsoft’s MSN sent out an enhancement in the form of a plugin for users of the Firefox browser from Mozilla. The default search engine for Firefox is Google but this gives users another search choice for their Mozilla browser.

MITs $100 Dream: Laptops For Every Child

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Laboratory is working on a visionary project that could potentially put the Internet in the hands of millions of children all over the world and single-handedly force the revision of several business models in the tech industry.

Infospace Starts Crawling Seekport

Metacrawler mogul Infospace just added the services of European search engine Seekport to their list of partners. Seekport will get some much-needed monetization and Infospace picks yet another resource to draw upon.

Jobsters Searching For New Jobs

Seattle-based online job recruiter Jobster launched their newest venture, Jobster Search. Jobster says the new job search engine is based on getting most of your information in one click and then getting all your networking and referrals done through the Internet.

Pictometry Gets 10-Year Deal With Blom ASA

The digital photography company Pictometry, specializing in aerial oblique imagery and measuring software just inked a deal with Norwegian based Blom ASA to create Pictometry Europe. This is a major move for the company known for providing photos for MSN’s Virtual Earth tool and the U.S. government.

Yahoo Puts Out List of Top 10 Bars On Yahoo Local

It’s Thursday night and you don’t feel like studying. You want to enrich your collegiate education with good life experience so you contemplate looking for a popular local tavern to discuss political philosophy with your collegiate comrades. You head to Yahoo Local and determine the best place for your discourse.

$1 Trillion For Global R&D In 06

The annual study completed by Battelle and R&D Magazine states estimates to exceed $1 trillion next year in global research and development. The statistics show the U.S. as the largest single player but Asia as a whole moving up past the U.S. and the Americas.

Ready For An Internet Jam? Grab Your Guitar
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Ever feel the need to jam with your instrument but don’t have a good place to play? Your old garage band buddies spread out over the country and the occasional phone call is the closest you get to the good ol’ days? Check out Ninjam and you’ll be covering the Clash again.

Y!NN: The Yahoo News Network

The current talk in the search engine world these days generally involves speculation around the raging war between Google and Microsoft and their battle for supremacy. But tucked into a lower orbit is Yahoo’s quest to become a media company and they’re putting together a top-notch news portal in the process.

Free Speech Issues On the Internet
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The boundaries of free speech are oft debated and rarely decided conclusively. The issue with Traffic-Power is no different. The search-marketing firm has had some troubles recently. The company is going after two websites in a high stakes free speech issue they may help define and determine the future of what people can say on the Internet.

Presidential Politics And Broadband

So you thought the Bush versus Kerry arguments were over? Not a chance. The Center for Media Research (CMR) published information today measuring how people with broadband Internet access voted in the 2004 election.

MIT Sponsoring Search Panel In NYC

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) will sponsor a search engine event in New York City, focusing on changes in search technology and includes a panel consisting some major players in the industry.

Flickrers Still Flicked Off At Flickr

Some time ago, the mighty Yahoo looked down and saw many people, called Flickrers, collecting photos in the great Flickr. The Yahoo grew curious and gazed longingly as image after image continued to appear and it made the Yahoo hunger for images of its own. And so the Yahoo swallowed the Flickr whole.

Blog Movie Critics: The Blogosphere Is Closed

Another sign blogs are moving into the mainstream media industry popped up in the form of movie critiques. Townhall.com arranged to have bloggers added to the press lists for advanced screenings of the science fiction film Serenity.

Andy Beal And Michael Marshall Launch SE Marketing Firm

Search engine marketers Andy Beal and Michael Marshall launched their Fortune Interactive marketing firm on Tuesday. Both men are recognized experts in the field and plan on “shaking up” the search engine marketing space.

iPod Nano Scratched In The First Race

When Steve Jobs showed off the new iPod Nano, he turned a few heads and many started foaming at the mouth to get their hands on the pocket-sized music player. It would seem however, the pocket is the last place one would put the Nano.

Microsoft Showing Off SQL Server 2005 At Gitex

The world’s largest software company let the middle-eastern market take a gander at the SQL Server 2005 and their development tool, Visual Studio 2005, at the September edition of the Gitex conference in Dubai, UAE.

Overstock Opening Storefront at Shop.Com

The folks at Shop.com are yelling about getting Overstock.com in their online shopping mall. Overstock is an online discount retailer that cuts prices, in some cases up to 70%.

Credit Card Companies Sued Over Interchange Fees

A number of retail advocacy groups filed suit today against Visa, Mastercard, Bank of America, Citibank, Bank One, Chase Manhattan Bank, J.P. Morgan, Chase, Fleet Bank, Capital One, and other banks, charging collusive practices by setting credit card interchange fees at “supracompetitive” levels.

Google Personalized Search More Personal

The folks at Google continue to tweak Google Personalized Search. They now allow users to remove search results they aren’t interested in. The deal is you actually have to have personalized your information and be logged in.

Treo 700 Using Windows

The folks at Palm announced their new Treo smart phone today. The new Treo 700 will carry the Mobile Windows OS by Microsoft and will be distributed through Verizon initially through their wireless broadband.

Listening To Yahoo

On Wednesday, Sept. 14th, the kids in Sunnyvale put together the first “Silicon Valley Search SIG” called “Audio Search: Selling Picks & Shovels at the Podcast Gold Rush.” The event took place on at Yahoo’s HQ and was hosted by the SD Forum.

Yahoo Playing With Search Results

Toward the end of last week and during the weekend, it appears Yahoo was toying with their search listings. There could be lots of reasons for this but generally, it’s in the name of some form of improvement.