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About John Stith

John Stith is a staff writer for WebProNews covering technology and business.
Glam.com Kicks Off Fashion Blog Network

Online fashion mag Glam.com kicked off the first blog network dedicated exclusively to fashion. The fashionable Internet destination looks to have everything except “Sex in the City” reruns and now they’ve added this fashion oriented blog network.

Fake Google Toolbar Goes On Phishing Trip
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A new trick for Internet thieves to pry through one’s personal affects on a computer has appeared. It would seem a mimicked version of the Google Toolbar is floating around with loads of gimmicks to rob the user blind.

Warner Bros. Puts Ads On Blogs

Blogs are moving into the big time. I mean REALLY big time. For a few years now, blogs have been building steam. Ad revenues from prominent blogs are really starting to pay off. With traffic numbering into the millions for some blogs, it stands to reason corporations would notice their potential.

Internet Ad Spending In The U.K. Up 62%

U.K. online ads posted some impressive numbers in the first half of the year, hitting nearly half a billion pounds or $861 million. More is spent on Internet advertising than outdoor advertising in the U.K. according to reports.

Yahoo: Blogmaster Needed

So you think you know a little about blogging? Want to get someone to put their money where your mouth is? Just ask your friendly, neighborhood Yahooligan. Yahoo is looking for one good blogger to get the job done for their Yahoo Search Marketing division.

Comcast Streams NHL Over Broadband

Telecom company Comcast announced on Tuesday they would provide free streaming access of the NHL to its 7.7 million broadband subscribers. This is news for both Comcast, who lags behind some major opponents and the NHL, who’s rebuilding after the yearlong strike.

Computer Associates Intl Integrating eHealth and Spectrum

Islandia N.Y. based Computer Associates International (CA) announced on Tuesday they are integrating eHealth and SPECTRUM. This move stems from their efforts to meld the acquired Concord Communications into their network through the integration of their “best-in-class” products.

30Gigs.Com Gives You 30 Gigs

Email/storage startup 30Gigs.com launched and promises its users 30 gigs of memory in their email boxes, said 50 gigs are coming, and the limit could reach 100 gigs. Some have questioned the legitimacy of the new site, which, in this early stage, could create problems for their future.

Java Runtime Environment Running With Google Toolbar

In the hours leading up to the press conference, speculation permeated the tech world over the news Sun Microsystems and Google collaborating on something miraculous.

Tabbing Google And Yahoo

Both Yahoo and Google offer tons of features to try and make one’s search a more complete experience, allowing users to dig for all kinds of information through a variety of different types of search. While Google tends to be the most used search engine, Yahoo wins has some areas Google could learn something from in the form of customizable search.

A Little Morning Blog At CNBC
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The folks at CNBC opened up a new blog for their viewers to read and comment on. According the CNBC, the blog will discuss how they cover the news, current events and lots of other topics.

Searching For Googles Playable Video

Back during the summer, Google’s video dude Matthew Vosburgh, said he’d tucked in two buttons to allow users the option of searching either just the playable video or both the playable and thumbnail stuff in Google’s video search feature.

Microsoft Excels At Blogging

Microsoft continues to talk about the upcoming release of their Office 12 office suite, loaded with new features for the future. Microsoft started talking about Office 12 and its programs like Excel through blogs. So a little over a week ago, Microsoft debuted their Excel blog.

New MS Office 12 Will Support PDF

Back in the early 90s, Adobe came out with a new file format called portable document format (PDF). Since that time, the PDF format has become a standard file format used the world over for just about any document. Microsoft has yet to offer anything for use with the PDF format but that’s changing. Office 12 will support PDF.

Google Missed S&P 500Again

Despites Google’s phenomenal success, one goal seems to elude them. S&P makes adjustments on their stock indices from time to time. When it was determined Gillette would be dropped from the list this year, many speculated it would be the rising star of the stock market, Google.

The Next Gen DVD War Heats Up

In what seems like an eternal battle to some, the war over the next generation of DVDs continues to wage on. New factions backing either the Blu Ray disc or the HD DVD format are appearing and they are power players in the market. Microsoft and Intel have figured in for HD DVD. Dell and HP are speaking out against them.

Eolas Scores Win On Microsoft Over Patent

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) ruled in favor of the University of California and their offshoot Eolas Technology and against Microsoft in a patent case that’s been floating around for nearly a decade.

Skype Throws 1.4 Into the VoIP

Skype tossed their new version 1.4 for Windows into the VoIP on Thursday. The newest version offers some keen new features for the Internet communications firm and should push the envelope further for competitors as well as make eBay stockholders grin slightly.

Pillars Of Yahoo

Yahoo chief operating officer, Dan Rosenweig recently addressed a group from Advertising Weekly at the Museum of Radio and Television on Tuesday. During his speech, he covered the basic model for Yahoo, their four pillars as he called.

Googles Got Some Bugs

One of the more versatile tools Google’s come out with is Google Earth. It can show you things all over the world, some of which you probably don’t have the security clearance to see. But now according to some sources Google might just have a few bugsnamely.ANTS!

Yahoo Ups Ante With Site Explorer

Yahoo launched their much-anticipated Site Explorer on Thursday. Yahoo discussed the Site Explorer during SES San Jose but at the time, it was just talk. Now, intrepid explorers may hack through the jungles of URL by visiting both the sites and the inlinks.

Live From Sunnyvale: Yahoo Site Explorer

The Sunnyvale kids at Yahoo launched the beta of the much-anticipated Yahoo Site Explorer. The Site Explorer allows users to search sites based on URLs and see how many pages are tied to those URLS. It also allows the user to check inlinks. It should help some even improve their rankings a bit becuase of the ability to search the inlinks.

NASA Gets Googley Eyed

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) announced on Thursday they would be taking on Google as a roommate at the Ames Research Center. The two entities intend to collaborate on a number of “technology-focused research-and-development activities.”

AOL Taps New Chief Technology Officer

America Online (AOL) presented their new chief technology officer (CTO), Maureen Govern on Thursday. She takes over the roll as the top technology strategist at AOL and will be a key player in their overall business strategy.

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