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Video-iPodding “Desperate Housewives”

Steve Jobs did it again. For just a brief moment, all eyes in the tech industry swung back to Cupertino to focus on what Steve Jobs was holding in his hand. This time it was the iPod Video. Apple already lined up video content with Disney including “Desperate Housewives” and with 150 hours of video, you can watch all the episodes.

Playgirl-TV Podcasting On Yahoo

On Tuesday, the female-oriented, adult entertainment channel Playgirl TV launched a podcast from their primary website. Playgirl’s sex educator, Jamye Waxman will produce a new “Sex Pod” once a week. It will be distributed from Yahoo’s newly formed podcast network.

Zend’s Talks To The Oracle

Zend announced yesterday the availability of Zend Core, their commercialized version of PHP, for Oracle for IBM AIX, Linux and Sun Solaris and a beta version of Zend Core for Microsoft’s Windows platform.

Update: Yahoo Pedophile Chat Room Closing

In an announcement earlier today, the Nebraska and New York State Attorney’s General issued a statement regarding their collaboration with Yahoo in the removal of user-created chat rooms promoting pedophilia.

Icahn Blasts AOL Disaster

Billionaire investor Carl Icahn continues to sharpen his blade as he increases his stake at multimedia corporation Time Warner. In a fiery letter issued to the board of directors at Time Warner, Icahn blasts the board for “colossal” mistakes that started with the AOL merger, calling the merger a cardinal sin.

Cutts Up Against The Wall

Over the weekend, Aaron Wall got a chance to talk to Google’s “Mick Jagger of Search”, Matt Cutts, in an in depth interview. The interview covers a variety of topics including SEO and spam, algorithms and the evil that Google does.

Google And MSN Tighter Filtering Of Emails

A new study from Lyris Technologies shows Gmail and Hotmail got much tighter for on their email filters and in so doing have filtered out more legitimate emails. Even though permission-based emails are up for the third straight quarter, this could be a problem.

Microsofts Internet Presence

Many constantly hail new developments by Google and Yahoo. Nearly every day, the two companies offer some sort of new development for their portal services. Some industry watchers have counted Microsoft out of the Internet market for the most part, suggesting they’re choosing to bow out of the war. Here’s the secret though, they’ve already won the Internet war.

Yahoo Lookin to Dig It, Tag It And Share It

The kids in Sunnyvale filed for a new trademark on the phrase, “Dig It. Tag It. Share It.” This new line could well be the beginning of a new slogan for the Yahooligans.

Rumors Abound of Ericsson Acquiring Marconi

British based Marconi would not discuss rumors of a possible purchase of the venerable telecom company by Ericsson. Stocks took a leap on the speculation the rival Swedish firm was eyeing Marconi.

Oracle Picks Up Open Source Company Innobase

Big-time tech company Oracle announced on Friday the acquisition of the Finnish Innobase. The Innobase is an open source software company, known for its product, InnoDB.

Vernier Extends Network Access Management

Vernier announced today their extension of the EdgeWall product line by way of the EdgeWall Rx network. The new network extends network access management to remote users and strengthens its network security technology by adding support for VoIP phone and bolsters existing support for laptops, desktops and servers.

Mark Cubans Few Good DVD Men

Speculation continues to surface around billionaire Mark Cuban’s adventures into what may be the next direction of the movie industry. Reports are beginning to surface of wants ads that could easily be used to form a DVD label.

Now Contextual News, Its Topix

News aggregation site Topix recently added a new facet to their site. Contextual news links provide additional stories regarding a subject like say sports or business. While they’ve been building for a while, the site is really coming together.

Searching The Sphere

A new blog search engine is in the works. The new engine, Sphere, is currently in stealth mode and will head into a beta test soon. They are claiming a much stronger emphasis on relevancy and some ability to get through the chaff of other blogs.

Local Search: The Place To Be

According to a study by Borrell Associates, spending for local online spending will increase substantially over the coming year, taking the total to $4.78 billion.

Pew Says Digital Divide Continues

The Pew Internet & American Life Project released a new study with some startling facts regarding the Internet, who’s using it and how they’re accessing it.

Research In Motion Looking To Supreme Court

Blackberry maker Research In Motion (RIM) appears to be in a jam over a recent U.S. Court of Appeals decision against them in a patent infringement dispute. RIM tried to get the appellate court to change the ruling against RIM and they refused. The only alternative left may be a trip to visit new Chief Justice John Roberts and the rest of the Supreme Court (SCOTUS).

MSN Flies In AdCenter Pilot

The folks at MSN’s Search Weblog posted today an invitation to readers to try out MSN’s new adCenter pilot program. The MSN senior vice president, Yusuf Medhi sent out a letter to some of their bloggers and the post made it up today. Brady Forrest posted a copy of the letter on the blog.

Google Turned Loose The Reader

The kids at Google cut loose with the Google Reader beta today at the Web 2.0 conference. The new toy allows users to pick and choose from their favorite online sources to view their daily content.

Blogger Protected By Delaware Supreme Court

Bloggers got a legal vote in their free-speech favor on Wednesday when the Delaware Supreme Court ruled elected officials couldn’t use lawsuits to unmask anonymous bloggers unless they had fairly significant evidence.

Microsoft Securing Its Own Software

Software leviathan Microsoft aims to produce a product in 2005 that will offer a protective barrier against spyware, viruses and rootkits. This test product, Microsoft Client Protection, will provide protections for business file servers, desktops and laptops against the traditional enemies of the computer world.

Web 2.0: Diller Says Google Wont Last Forever

The Web 2.0 conference turned up a number of highlights on the first day. The conference is a virtual who’s who in the ecommerce world. Barry Diller, chief of IAC had a few choice comments regarding the length of Google’s dominance.

The Movement to Rescue Jeeves

Ya gotta love it. Someone starts a blog on a Google property to save the logo of another search engine. A former employee of “The Butler” started a blog called Save Jeeves to rescue the beloved butler character from oblivion.