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End User Council at Storage Networking World

Storage Networking World (SNW) Spring 2006 is covering a lot of new ground. One area of discussion is going to be interoperability and the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) End User Council (EUC) will attempt to explain the issues surrounding interoperability.

March Madness Tests IT Rubber Rooms

This is the time of year when office pools run rampant and some research anticipates employees becoming virtually worthless for long periods of time for the next three weeks. This year, all the games will be streaming live online as well. This year however, computer networks could be in for an overload as millions stream live their favorite college basketball games.

Red Hats New Linux Software Development Tools
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San Francisco based Linux dudes Red Hat announced a “Integrated Virtualization” strategy on Tuesday. This new tool should simplify deployment in a new virtualization environment. They claim this will allow customers to deploy resources at minimal cost while maximizing utilization.

Oracle Produces Oracle SQL Developer

The kids out in Redwood Shores announced a new product called SQL developer, known previously as Project Raptor. The product is a free database development tool designed for use by Oracle Database developers.

KY Governor In Hospital With Blood Clot

LEXINGTON, Ky. – Kentucky Governor Ernie Fletcher, 53, remained in the hospital on Friday, recovering from a blood clot removal. Doctors dissolved about 95% of the potentially deadly clot from a vein between the upper left arm and his chest.

E-Backups Picks Up 20 New VARs

E-Backups a wholesale provider of branded HIPAA compliant, remote back-up software, services and managed storage, was selected by twenty VAR’s to be the remote back solution of choice to present as a value added service to their clients. Each has had the solution customized and branded to their specifications.

A New Book On C

The C programming language has been around for quite a while now. A new book by Peter Prinz and Tony Crawford called “C in a Nutshell” makes some interesting assertions and provide some useful information for the programming language first used in Unix.

Flex & Ajax Together: FABridge

Macromedia has a lot of wonderful tools for the developer community. One of the most impressive new tools, Flex 2.0, has been developed with ColdFusion integration in mind. Macromedia threw out a new resource by introducing a new library of code called the Flex Ajax Bridge (FABridge). The new code can be inserted into a Flex application, a Flex component or an empty SWF file in order to expose it to scripting in the browser.

SQL Injections Abound

Danish security firm Secunia reported on Monday several moderately critical vulnerabilities in various software products that allow SQL injection attacks. Products like Gregarius, Total Ecommerce, Akarrus Social Bookmarking Engine and others.

Google GDrive Is Coming

To paraphrase a movie line, “INFINITE COSMIC STORAGE! Itty bitty living space.” This is what the kids at Google see in the future. On Friday, Google sponsored their Analyst Day and they offered some new analysis on this very topic.

New Partnership In Medical ASP

Mercury Computer Systems announced an extended partnership with image management specialist Acuo Technologies. Part of the deal includes Acuo working with U.S. service providers and including Mercury’s image management solution as bundled offering in the ASP package in the U.S.

ASP.NET How Do I Video Series

Microsoft put together a video series called “How Do I.” The purpose behind the series is to help educate developers by answering common questions regarding ASP.NET 2.0.

3G Scenarios For C++ Interface

European tech firm Rohde & Schwarz produced a new package of 3G test scenarios for the MLAPI C++ programming interface, with plans of providing a more flexible environment for laboratories.

Logitechs New CS2 Tool For Developers

Two major tools in the toolbox for many developers remain the Mac and Adobe Software. Logitech recently announced new tools for use with Macs and Adobe’s Creative Suite 2 (CS2), which consists of Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop.

Oracles Free Database: 10g XE
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Database monster Oracle popped out a new child yesterday in the form of their Oracle Database 10g Express Edition (XE). The nifty thing about XE is it’s free and is considered a starter edition.

DearAOL: Email Fees Are Wrong

America Online (AOL) seems to have created a tempest of backlash on the Internet regarding their recent suggestion to start charging fees for email. A number of voices in the tech industry criticized almost immediately. Now the politicos are out in force and there are a lot of unlikely bedfellows ready to give some not-so-pleasant pillow talk to the massive company. This time, it’s not a “Dear John” letter; it’s a “DearAOL” letter.

Mobile Java Under Trojan Assault

Though uses for Java continue to expand, the threats do as well. Kaspersky Labs reported a Trojan called RedBrowser making the rounds, targeting Java capable cell phones. While this Trojan is annoying, it easily stopped.

Is The UK Ready For .eu Domains?

The time is counting down for the general release of the dot-eu domains. April 7th is less than two months away and pre-registrations are already moving along. Some sources are reporting expectations hitting as much as 1.5 million.

Forum Nokias Carbide.c++ Express

Forum Nokia posted a new development tool, Carbide.c++ Express, targeting Symbian OS C++ development. The first in a family of Eclipse-based development tools is a free tool for non-commercial mobile application development.

Secure Routers Go Through Ceiling In 2005

A new study from Infonetics Research reported big numbers for secure routers in 2005. While price pressure drove prices down along with overall revenues, the number of units moved climbed 121%.

Microsoft Working on VB 9.0 XML Update

Microsoft’s XML Blog reported some of the current issues they’re facing as they develop their VB 9.0 language for programming XML. Program manager Avner Aharoni brought out some of the more intriguing issues his team faces.

Hitachi Teams With Ingram

Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) leapt into their first foray of the small-business channel business in a global distribution deal with Ingram Micro Inc. The distribution deal will cover small business units with fewer than 200 users and four to 20 servers.

New Java Platform Beta Shines For Web Developers

Sun Microsystems announced the release of the Beta release of their new Java Platform, Standard Edition 6 (Java SE 6). They called the effort Project Mustang. They’ve added some features and improved on others to improve developers’ Java experience.

Splitting C++ Hairs

There seems to be a C++ schism going right now as the Ecma consortium works out standards for the widespread programming language. The specification will bind C++ to the Common Language Infrastructure (CLI). This presents a problem for some because it ties the language a little too closely to .NET.