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Having created the outlines for FlashNewz and FLADownloads, John has become a strong voice in the Flash Community. His reviews and tutorials give great insight and knowledge to readers around the world. He has a keen eye for what's hot and what's not in the Flash world. He has also developed and continues to run his own flash portal as a side project to keep his mind on the Flash community

Being a key designer for advertising creative, he's got style when it comes to grabbing readers attention. With a proven track record, there isn't much this guy can't handle.
Working With The Accordion UI Component

This week we are going to make a simple site using the new accordion UI component in Flash MX 2004 Professional. In this tutorial I will assume that you have basic knowledge of Flash MX 2004 Professional and can get around the interface pretty easily.

Here is an example of a site that uses the accordion menu system: http://www.metadesign.com/index2.html

Looping movies with Flash MX 2004

It has come to my attentionfrom working with Flash MX2004 Professional that there isn’t a quick way to loop a movie a certain amount of times without using action script. To find a better solution and a quick fix for a friend over the week I have come up with the following solution. While this is not the perfect solution to the problem it works and it works well.

The 2004 FlashintheCan Festival

Now in its third year, the 2004 FlashintheCan Festival is the only Canadian Festival of its kind; combining cutting edge seminars presented by over 75 internationally recognized designers and developers. The FlashintheCan Festival attracts conference attendees, award entrees, and presenters from around the globe, and is proudly sponsored by Macromedia.

Working with Flash MX 2004and PHP

This tutorial is going to show you a very basic method of sending information from Flash to an external PHP script. Thisis merely a primer to get you working with using Flashfor forms and dynamic content.The actual code for this tutorial can be used IN lower versions of Flash, but the actual process is written for Flash MX 2004.

Suggestions for a Flash Designer: Real World Example

Earlier this week I received a site submission I found very interesting. After reviewing the site I started typing out ideas that could help the designer. Some comments were about Flash, and were some about other design aspects. After reviewing my comments to the designer I realized that these were suggestions that many designers could take into consideration when developing sites.

Creating a Custom Mouse Curser in Flash

This week I’m going to show you how to make your mouse arrow customized using simple actionscript in Flash.

This is a neat effect you can use if you want the mouse to match the scheme of your site, but try not to go overboard as lots of Flash developers have done in the past.

Pro’s and Con’s of MX 2004
Flash Intros are Dead

Ok, I know that we have all seen great intros but when you get down to it… Flash intros are dead. Unless you’re using the intro as a presentation and/or you have mad design skills it’s probably best to leave the Intro out.

Use of an Entry/Splash page

Over the past few days I have been zooming through sites looking at different designs for inspiration and ideas. During my site viewing time I came to realize things I hate about web designers. These are things that caused me to close my browser window before the site loaded or even not visit the site at all. Perhaps you’ll agree with me and use some of these tips when you’re designing sites.

FlashNewz – Quick Tip

Changing the FPS for flash movies can help keep your animation from jumping.

Using Flash and Java to create Pop-Ups

With Flash it is quite common to have a customized pop up window to hold your flash movie. This is almost always done using HTML and JavaScript. Well, what about having buttons in your flash movies that will open customized pop up windows?

FlashNewz Design Contest Finalists

The FlashNewz Design Contest has come to a close as far as entries, but the voting is on! Submit your vote to help decide the top 3 entries! You can view all of the finalists below so make sure you cast your vote! VOTE VOTE VOTE!

Creating a Photo Scrapbook with Flash

This week we are going to create a photo scrapbook using Flash MX 2004. The goal for this project is to create an easy and fun photo viewing application that allows the user to drag pictures within the movie and bring the chosen picture to the front for easy viewing.

FlashNewz Design Contest:

The Challenge: Design a header for the FlashNewz newsletter and you could pick and review the feature sites for an upcoming issue AND get free promotion of your site in the newsletter.

Using Anchors to Bookmark and Navigate

With Flash MX you have the option to publish your movies with Named Anchors. This will add anchor tags to your HTML enabling your viewers to bookmark pages inside your flash movies as well as use their browser back and forward buttons.

Feature Site – gSkinner.com

Ok, if you’re a developer or just love Flash, this is something you have to see.

Featured Component Spark Events Calendar Version 1.4.5

A Flash MX component designed for displaying events that occur in a variety of different patterns including once-off, weekly, monthly and yearly recurring. The design is easily reskinned, and the event data easily extended.

Feature Site AlterMundi.com

socius submitted this site to the Flash Talk area of the WebProWorld forum this week.

Feature Site – www.eugenemirman.com

You know you have too much time on your hands when _______ .

Jumping Scenes With Buttons and Everything In Between!

This tutorial will show you how to Add, Edit, and Delete scenes, make simple buttons, and show you how to make buttons jump from scene to scene – even to specific frames, using simple Action Script.

Tutorial – Motion Blur

Here is a really neat and simple tutorial to have you animating like a pro in no time! It’s mainly a photoshop tutorial, but it’s a quick and easy way to add moving effects to your movies.

Tutorial – FLA Deconstruction Part 2

Ok, so we have designed our menu, now it’s time to make it draggable. Below is a tutorial I wrote a while back, but this is how you make your menu draggable.

Site Review of Lessons of TR

Welcome to the land of the weird.

Site Review of Blitz Digital Studio

Blitz Digital Studios are among the masters of Flash Development.