About John Godel

John Godel is a computer/software engineer in Massachusetts. He enjoys chess and basketball, and he "loves the programming world."
XP, Component Services and .NET

First of all, COM+ does revolutionize COM; it is not only a superior new version of the COM programming model it is also a new platform to design and develop components. In addition, COM+ Services in XP does have some differences from Windows 2000; also XP and COM+ 1.5 offer a richer set of services than was available in COM+ 1.0. This article will describe the basic component services on the XP.

Web Services Architecture

We can understand without difficulty why Web Services are produced if we will look at the computer and software world. There are many systems and platforms out there on the Internet and there are even more applications that are living on these systems and platforms. If we need more explanation about this, there are many technologies to connect clients to servers- including DCOM, CORBA and others, with Web Services growing on a new and much simpler type of connectivity, based on open standards such as HTTP, XML and SOAP.