About John Gall

John Gall is a full time IT Manager and IT Consultant in Minnesota. He runs several websites as a hobby featuring content similar to that in this article.

Preparing for a Career in Information Technology

So you want to work in the Information Technology field? In this article i’ll provide some advice to those seeking employment in this field. Keep in mind these are my opinions, others may agree or disagree.

Web Site Content Ideas for Webmasters

Many years ago I began creating web sites that began as photo albums for friends and family and then turned into travel guides for trips I took to Jamaica , Napa Valley and the Black Hills of South Dakota.

Why Get a Microsoft MCSE Certification?

In the years of the dot com boom and bust, the Microsoft MCSE Certification has gotten its eye blackened over an over. Paper Microsoft MCSE’s who were excellent at finding brain dumps and passing exams gave the Microsoft MCSE Certification a bad name.

Getting Started In Information Technology Computer Consulting

One of the best things about being in the Information Technology industry is consulting. For purposes of this article I’m using the term consulting in reference to side jobs or moonlighting work. While full time Computer Consultants can also benefit from the tips in this article, I’m really writing at the IT Employee who works a full-time IT job and then takes extra jobs for extra money on the side.