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New Bing Product Ads Powered By Adobe Media Optimizer New Bing Product Ads Powered By Adobe Media Optimizer
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Online retailers have a new reason to be excited over their pay per click marketing campaigns.  Today, Adobe has become first to market with their new Adobe Media Optimizer system powered by Bing Product Ads. This new system allows for …

Penguin 2.0 Update & Its Effects On Small & Medium Sized Business Penguin 2.0 Update & Its Effects On Small & Medium Sized Business
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On May 22, Google released penguin 2.0. The main purpose of this update was to provide a more in depth analysis on websites that benefits from link spam. This update helped keep websites with unnatural link building out of the …

Google Introduces favicons to their text ads – Inside AdSense Google Introduces favicons to their text ads – Inside AdSense
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Google seems to always think of new ways to make their ad formats better for all users and the advertisers who appear on your pages. Google Adsense introduced favicons in text ads today. Google believe this will make searches faster …

Gearing up for Holiday Sales

Have you heard of “Cyber Monday”? Boomers are a driving force in comparison shopping engines.

Why is this important? How is social media marketing an essential tool behind holiday gift buying? What type of revenue increase are e-commerce engines estimating within the holiday season? Some interesting questions not to say the least and valuable information for any e commerce owner. I have put together some interesting marketing charts and trend analysis for your viewing pleasure.

Managing Your Reputation

Have you ever been hanging out, randomly searching online and found something negative about yourself in a search engine results page?

Behavorial Targeting 101: Media Buying Tips

Have you heard of behavioral marketing, but not known exactly what it is? You probably have been exposed to behavioral targeting before at one or more points in your life and not even known it. Behavioral targeting, if done right, can be a very useful tool in your internet marketing tool belt.

Social Network Advertising

In my last post about social network advertising, I spoke about reasons why social network advertising is a rapidly growing trend in online marketing tactics. Today, in this follow-up to part 1, I will be delving into the nuts and bolts of making the most of your social network advertising.

Keyword Placement in Title Tag Case Study

According to search ranking factors done by SEOmoz, your keyword in your title tag is the upmost importance, but the placement of that keyword in your title tag has been debated. Some believe that placing your branding first and then kewyords in your title tag causes little or no difference when optimizing a page in the SERPS. I am going to finally uncover this once and for all.

Interview with Barry Schwartz

Our next mobile search interview is with Barry Schwartz better known as Rusty Brick. One of the industry voices for Search, barry has put together one of the leading forums called Search Engine Roundtable. Thank you barry for the interview.

Looking for a List of Social Media Sites?

Over the last year a cornucopia of social media sites have sprung up. Its been hard to keep track of all of these but something that is so great about these social sites is that they encourage forward thinking, sharing information and networking all at the same time.

In my mind this is one of the ways we as a society show our growth and our progressiveness. I have scoured the Internet to find a quality list of sites that incorporate a sense of socialness to them. I use a lot of these sites and will start using some that I just found.

Gain Traction and Authority for Your SEO Company

Around the time that I developed Rockyfied Rand had created and developed a system called YOUmoz. Youmoz is a hybrid version of the seomoz.org blog. Over the last 2 years Rand Fishkin and his blogtastic cohorts have been laying down highly informative and education posts on SEO, SEM, Internet Marketing and much more.

PPC Tips to Help Improve Your Efforts

I cannot tell you how many companies and individual

Steps to Cultivating a Blog Community

Andrey Milyan has graciously accepted my contribution’s to SearchMarketingStandard.com and I am proud to be a contributor on such an up and coming Search oriented magazine.

For my first post I decided to talk about cultivating a blog community and how to set yourself up for success in 10 easy steps.

Interviewing Kris Jones and Lee Dodd

I am doing a series of post’s over at Blog.lunarpages.com about elite retreat speakers and how attendee’s will be able to take real world applications to problems they encounter while doing business online and apply them in today’s market place.

Getting to the front of Newsvine’s Technology Page

Newsvine puts me on top of their technology page within hours of my article release on the newsvine algorithm.

Optimizing Your Social Media

In the last 6-12 months social media optimization has been a very highly talked about and discussed venue for traffic.